Sun Yat Sen Museum

Attraction 120 Armenian Street, Georgetown, Penang Island, Malaysia Published on: 01-07-2016

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This museum commemorates the life of the Chinese intellectual Dr Sun Yat-sen. The museum is privately managed, administered by the Penang Philomathic Union.

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Why Sun Yat Sen Museum is special ?

The museum is dedicated to Sun Yat-sen, a nationalist from China who established the Chinese Republic in 1912 after his efforts in Xinhai Revolution.
The Sun Yat Sen Museum is a beautifully-preserved house museum in the multicultural George Town world heritage site. This historical house has a permanent exhibition on Sun Yat Sen’s early revolutionary period in Penang when he planned a historic uprising of the China Revolution of 1911.
The historic city of George Town has been listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO for its architectural heritage and townscape, cultural diversity and multilayered history, its living heritage communities and intangible heritage. Immerse yourself in our shared past. Discover how this important house pre-eminently connects global and local history.

What to explore at Sun Yat Sen Museum?

The pictorial exhibition will feed the visitors with information about the premises and the revolutionary work of Dr Sun during his stay in Penang.

Much of the original feel of a Straits Chinese shophouse has been painstakingly maintained and inside the house, you will find two halls and a typical Nyonya kitchen, complete with coffee corner, stone mortar and pestle (chengku) and firewood and charcoal stove.

The wooden chairs adorned with beautiful shells, an old hat stand, fireproof safe (believed to have been left behind by the T’ung Meng Hui), an old portrait of Dr Sun (Chinese school students would bow daily to the portrait to pay respect to him), an iron book safe, a signboard and several valuable antiques dating back to the 1900s can be found here.

The premise was also used for the filming of the international movie “A Road to Dawn” which tells of Dr Sun’s struggles away from the motherland.

Today, the shophouse (though yet to be opened to the public on a daily basis) is privately owned but visitors can enter for a nominal fee of RM3. If you are lucky, you might just bump into its custodian, historian and author Khoo Salma. The friendly lady is a wealth of information and is quite the authority on Penang’s rich heritage.


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120 Armenian Street, Georgetown, Penang Island, Malaysia

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It is a place for the history bluff. We pass by the place during a weekend and we don't see any tourist so I wonder is this attraction on the list of the must-see for tourist.

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it is a small museum where Sun Yat Sen had his meeting in Penang. The owner of the museum is very knowledgeable and it good for people who likes China history. before going it is good to make sure owner is in charge and ask him whatever stories about Sun Yat Sen.

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My travel companion and I came across this small museum by chance as we were wandering around the streets of Georgetown. Perhaps it could be better advertised and promoted? It's one in a long row of terrace houses, many of which appear to have been renovated, so it's a good opportunity to see the interior of one of these houses, with their central courtyards open to the sky. And the museum provided an unexpected and interesting glimpse into the life of Sun Yat Sen and the Chinese community of the area in the early 20th century. The guide was very pleasant and even made us a pot of tea so we were able to sit for a while and enjoy the environment (and shelter from the rain). There's also a good selection of books for sale about local cultures, and my companion bought the Sun Yat Sen playing cards.

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