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Shopping 275 R A De Mel Mawatha Colombo Sri Lanka Published on: 13-11-2015

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Stone ‘N’ String is a retail business specializing in Designer Jewelry, Precious & Semi Precious Jewelry, Genuine Fresh Water Pearls Jewelry, Genuine Coral Jewelry, Gents Cufflinks and so on.

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Why Stone 'N' String is special ?

Stone & String has many outlet in island as well as overseas; however the main branch in Kollupitiya has a way better collection than any of their other outlets. Well they have all sorts of items ranging from Rs.500 – Rs. 500,000 or even more XP so make sure you have some money before going there! Although, Stone & String has high price tags they are not expensive and very well priced. Obviously they can’t sell diamond rings for 1000 bucks! Stone & String’s Kollupitya has a fare share of tourists in their customer base so they accept all sort of foreign currency ( USD, Sterling Pound, Euro, etc…). Moreover, a good collection of cuff-links, watches and other accessories for men are also available in their store. Not bad yea? A place where guys and girls can shop simultaneously ;) The service of Stone and String is good too; they don’t follow you everywhere so you are free to check out everything, but they are extremely helpful at times, if you request. Stone and Strings is housed in a modern building and has spacious interiors. They also have corporate packages if you are buying mas quantities. It can get busy during the office lunch breaks and evenings. So if you need any jewelry or accessories Stone and String is the place to go.


Selling points

  • Designs at an affordable cost
  • Good Collection for a life time
  • Beautiful and amazing collection
  • Simply elegant collection
  • Best place for jewelery
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275 R A De Mel Mawatha Colombo Sri Lanka

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Tips for you

  • The sterling silver collection and semi-precious stone collection is of good value.
    What to know
  • This store has an amazing selection of jewellery from latest trends of designs to the gorgeous antique ones.
    What to know
  • Online shopping is more easy and convenient.
  • There's a wide collection in Kolpity and WTC.
    What to see


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This has been there and was popular for jewellery from the day I can remember. Whenever, a quality, beautiful set is required, I visit here. I even bought my wedding jewellery set from here. A full set I bougt from Stone n string ten years back, is still with me the same way I bought it new as ever, though I have worn it several times by now. Prices are also very reasonable given the designs and the quality. Recommended for all.

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