Starling Farm

Attraction Starling Farm Plantation Resort & Restaurant, Kampot, Cambodia Published on: 03-05-2016

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  • Highly recommended by fellow travellers.
Starling Farm is the producer of the world’s premier pepper: Kampot Pepper. Cambodia grow, harvest, sort and package the pepper so pepper here is the best quality in Kampot.

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Why Starling Farm is special ?

It is the biggest black pepper field in Kampot and many kinds of other fruits. The Starling Farm Plantation has been a work of love for the Hanna family with many members of the family playing an active role in its growth and development. The top quality pepper and spectacular view.

What to explore at Starling Farm?

Visitingthe big beautiful pepper fieldand see famers cultivate, so interesting. Besides, you can enjoy some pepper and avocadoes, mango and durian and take beautiful photos of countryside and Secret lake. Don't forget to discover how they can make these such best quality pepper.

Selling points

  • Fascinating and enchanting pepper farm
  • An Excellent Working Farm Visit
  • Breathtaking farm, nice people, top quality pepper
  • Beautiful Countryside
  • Lovely place and helpful farmers
2 days in Kampot for family with kids

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Starling Farm Plantation Resort & Restaurant, Kampot, Cambodia

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Tips for you

  • You should hire a bicycle to move easily.
  • The pepper is also a fantastic gift to bring back home.
  • Be careful with snakes.
  • The road go to this farm is quite hard to find. Search for carefully before going to visit


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I visited the farm in May 2012 just before it became a popular tourist destination. Starling Farm is a well-run professional operation with top quality pepper grown on site. From the main property on the farm you can see where the pepper is grown and also the beautiful grounds. Anna, the farm's owner is a very nice lady who really cares about her customers and ensuring she produces the best quality product. I strongly suggest that if you are near Kep/Kampot you visit the farm, it’s a relaxing way to get out of the hustle and bustle of Cambodia's larger cities. The pepper is also a fantastic gift to bring back home.

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Great [email protected]@kampot pepper and available in large packages if you want. Eric Goodwin • Janvier 2 Enregistrer J'aime

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