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Attraction Starfish Island Puerto Princesa Philippines Published on: 05-04-2016

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Starfish island is a sand bar that got its name because of the starfishes that used to abundantly inhabit it.

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Why Starfish Island is special ?

Starfish Island is named as such because of the numberless existence of small and big starfishes in the clear blue waters of the island. This Island has one of the whitest beaches in the area and can match other white sand beaches in the Philippines. The island is also known by locals as Tabuan island. Starfish Island is a small island with a few cottages that are available for picnicking island-hoppers. Its main island made up of white sand and is surrounded by greenish waters. A few palm trees grow on the island with a mangrove forest grew on the eastern side of the island. The island lacks commercial conveniences so if you intent to stay you need to bring lunch with you.


What to explore at Starfish Island?

The most popular attraction on this island is fish feeding with bread. One fish kind that dominates the underwater scene is the clownfish. On Starfish Island you can have a meet and greet with Nemo. Watch him playing hide and seek through the reefs while you are swimming or snorkeling. Say “cheese” with his relatives as they swarm around you when you feeding them bread. Just watch out for the budding corals and don’t ever step on them. If you have kids with you on your trip to this island, let them have this rare experience. The beauty and excitement of it would be something they would remember forever.


How to get to Starfish Island?

To get to Honda Bay or Hunda, one will need to take a drive north of the city center to the Sta. Lourdes wharf. From here, visitor will need to register and hire for boats that will bring them to the islands of their choice. Starfish island is 15 minutes boat ride from Pambato Reef.


Selling points

  • An Island full of starfish
  • Great Fun For The Whole Family
  • Beautiful Island - Refreshing Sea
  • Amazing views of the underwater creatures
  • Fish - lots of beautiful fish
A nice 4 day trip to Puerto Princesa

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4.0 days
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Starfish Island Puerto Princesa Philippines

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Tips for you

  • Don’t forget to bring bread, buy it in the stores in the metro or in the port, a loaf of bread is only P20.00, buy 2 packs of bread (2 loaves) because you’ll have tons of fun feeding and swimming with the fish.
    What to buy
  • For adventurous eaters, bring some beer on your island hops and experience eating the exotic dish “tamilok” or the long edible wood worms taken out from the rotting mangrove branches.
  • You should beware of your things especially your tsinelas as it can be caught by the waves.
  • You should pack a beach shoes and if possible bring your own snorkel and towels, better than renting it.
    What to bring
  • You have to wear your slippers when walking on the shoreline otherwise tiny bits of broken shells might cut your feet.
    What to wear
  • You’ll find mangroves plantation here. In the center of the island you’ll find scrubs and palm trees that provide shade.
    What to know
  • Starfish Island entrance costs Php70. You can get it at Php50 when you pay at the port. It’s another P50 to rent a cottage.
    Ticket and Pricing


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An Island full of starfish, all you can do here is snorkling!

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Sun's hot in the afternoon but that didn't stop us from exploring the island. Great forced perspective photos with a beer bottle, coconut & shell taken by our guide.

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