Star Hostel - Taipei Main Station

Attraction 103, Taiwan, 台北市大同區, 華陰街50號4樓 Published on: 26-12-2015

2 hours
08:00 AM - 11:00 PM
03:00 PM
05:00 PM
First-time visit
39.00 USD

Star Hostel - Taipei Main Station is good for

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  • Highly recommended by fellow travellers.
Star Hostel Taipei Main Station offers simple but comfortable accommodation near Taipei Main Station. It is only a 7-minute walk from Taipei Main Station.

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Why Star Hostel - Taipei Main Station is special ?

Star Hostel begin with a simple vision: creating a clean, green, and cozy place for travelers at exciting prices. The hotel is all about people, so come meet other inspiring travelers who can share their journey with you, be welcomed by the friendly staff, and enjoy the pleasant community. Embark on a unique journey that uncovers off-the-book local attractions that are the back bone of Taiwan culture, and dive deeper into experience Taiwan. Star Hostel is located in the heart of Taipei's historic district with excitement of the shopping destination, the neighborhood flourished and prospered. This building breathed new life to the community, and weave the neighborhood together.


What to explore at Star Hostel - Taipei Main Station?

Rooms here are all soundproofing and air-conditioned. Private rooms will provide a flat-screen TV, a work desk and a private bathroom. A hairdryer is included also. You will find a shared lounge and kitchen. Staff at tour desk will help with trip plans and luggage storage. Although the rooms are kept simple and minimal, it has everything you need for a comfortable stay.


How to get to Star Hostel - Taipei Main Station?

By Bus from Taoyuan airport

Take Kuo-Kuang bus no. 1819 to Taipei Main Station. Ticket cost $125 NTD and the trip takes 55 minutes. After getting off the bus, take a 7 minutes to reach Star Hostel.

By Taxi from Taoyuan airport

It takes roughly 40 minutes. The fare is about $1200 NTD


Selling points

  • Warm and feel home decoration
  • An interesting hostel for backpacker
  • Perfect location, clean and convenient
  • Great hostel with good location and modern amenities
  • Very nice hostel for budget traveller
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5.0 days
567.12 USD
Total travel distance
Number of places
28 places




103, Taiwan, 台北市大同區, 華陰街50號4樓

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Tips for you

  • They provide Free early bird breakfast from 6am-8am at the guest kitchen. Mainly consist of bread, bun, jam.
  • Star Hostel's front desk is located on 4th floor. You can reach here via lift/elevator. There are two elevators.
    What to know
  • There are quite a handful of eateries on Huayin Street where the locals have their breakfast, lunch and dinner. Give them a try.
    Things nearby
  • The shower and toilet are enclosed with fully tinted glass. However if you stand close to the glass wall, your silhouette (shadows) can be seen from outside.
  • You can't smoke in the hostel. You can either smoke at the ground floor or 6th floor which is the rooftop.
    Things to do
  • At the guest kitchen, you are free to use their two refrigerators, microwave, coffee machine, sinks, plates and cutlery. Drinking water (cold & hot) available here.
    Things to do


TripAdvisor View more

I stayed in a single private room for 8 days in Taipei as a solo female traveller. This was my first hostel experience and the first time I ever felt like I was at "home" when travelling. LOCATION Totally unbeatable location! Star Hostel is right off a street between two main roads. The street itself is home to a lot of popular local eats (line ups every night) and cute little shops - all very affordable. You must try the bun place right next door, you can't miss it as a parking garage is the it's neighbour on the other side. The two main roads also have a number of banks, international franchises and other stores. For transportation, it is very centrally located as it is merely a 10 min walk from the MTR (local taiwan subway), high speed rail (for out of town travel like Hualien/Taroko Gorge), and bus terminal (express to airport). Both the MTR and high speed rail are completely accessible from the underground mall, there is an entrance to the underground mall that is less than a 5 min walk from Star Hostel (exit Y13 of the underground mall). I walked the underground mall every day to get to and from the MTR/high speed rail - this is super convenient when it's raining, hot outside, or if you're carrying luggage (escalators everywhere yeah!!!). I only walked outside once on the very first day I arrived to get to Star Hostel from the bus stop outside Taipei Main Station. The underground mall is great for anything you forgot to bring or for last min souvenir shopping (it has the best prices, I only saw one store with cheaper souvenirs in Tamsui and only by 10NTD). ROOM I stayed in a private room with a twin bed for 8 days. The room was spotless when I entered. There are usually some neglected surfaces such as ledges that accumulate dust, but I checked - SPOTLESS! Found the mattress and bed to be perfect, I was worried about the length of the bed from the pictures, but there were no issues and there is in fact a gap about a foot in length between the bed and the wall, so if you're a bit taller don't worry! The layout is well thought out an a good use of space for everything you need, they've really thought of it. There are a few hangars provided that can be hung that are right under the a/c unit. This was perfect on the days that I had to do laundry, I didn't want to wait for the use of the dryer so after pulling some of my clothes out of the washing machine, I just hung them to fully dry overnight! I never found the room cramped or lacking in space. It was just right for one person. Tried the TV, not sure if there was something wrong with it or if it uses WIFI, it picture wasn't clear. No worries, the wifi was great on my tablet, so I never really needed to watch real tv. COMMON AREAS The common area is beautiful, a lot of thought must have gone into it. It's got a very "zen" and home-like feeling to it. It looks exactly like the pictures. Having a kitchen and fridge was so useful throughout the trip. As I have never stayed at a hostel prior to this trip, I didn't think I would use other of these items. There's a tap in the kitchen that dispenses filtered hot water - best invention ever for my midnight tea and the numerous guests eating their cup noodles as their midnight snacks. It was so convenient to always have a place to get a quick cup of water/tea and to know that I could always grab something at 7/11 to warm up or cook in the kitchen. The kitchen facilities are VERY clean, the staff is constantly cleaning this area. I'll admit that I only really ever used the filtered water and Nestle coffee machine in the kitchen, but I saw that many guests used to the fridge and kitchen facilities to cook meals or keep their snacks/beers - they have a good system to ID your food, so don't worry! WIFI I was jet lagged for the first few days so I made good use of the wifi. There's a good connection throughout the hostel whether you're in common areas or in your room. It does seem to get a bit slower in the evenings when everyone is back, but I never had a problem connecting. STAFF Lastly, the staff really deserve their own special section in this review. They were wonderful throughout my stay. They were fluent in English and were always helpful at the front desk. The breakfast staff also make a nice and simple breakfast for you every morning and smile brightly the moment they open the doors to the cafe making a great start to any day on vacation! I saw the cleaning staff the first few days I was jet lagging at like 6/7 am in the morning, I'm sure they clean the common area more than once a day though as it is spotless and I see that they take great care in cleaning all the details - making the place feel just like home and comfortable for the numerous guests that congregate in the common area every night. If I ever go back to Taiwan, I'm going to be staying at Star Hostel for sure. I really felt at home at Star Hostel, so I was very sad to leave at the end of my trip...It is most definitely the most value for your money.

FourSquare View more

This is the best hostel I have ever visited. great location 400m from Main station. great place and beautiful with huge living room with cafeteria. I will come back soon, definitely.

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