Sra Morakot

Attraction Khlong Thom District, Krabi, Thailand Published on: 03-07-2016

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08:30 AM - 05:00 PM
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Must see
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Sra Morakot is good for

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  • Highly recommended by fellow travellers.
Sra Morakot give you so many hot springs and cool freshwater. Come here and leave yourself a great moments.

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Why Sra Morakot is special ?

This is one of our top suggestions for things you should do in Krabi, Thailand and the number one recommendation for enjoying the underground natural springs that flourish in Krabi province. Emerald Pool or pond is not a hot spring, but it is cool water that is just heavenly to swim in. The water is replenished by a natural streams running into the pool from freshwater sources on the hill above.

The Emerald Pool (Sra Morakot), is breathtakingly beautiful and the water is a perfect color if you are there at the right time. Low season is the best time as the color of the water is so much nicer, during high season there are to many people in the pool churning up the sand etc so the colors are not as vibrant.


What to explore at Sra Morakot?

Explore the entire area. There is a 1.4km walk that goes over wooden boardwalk and dirt paths through the woods that leads to amazing pools of freshwater spring that most tourists won’t see because they’ll take the short 800m walk. On this walk is the amazing “Sra Gaew Pool”. Also, once you arrive at the Emerald Pond you’ll want to continue up the hill from it and find the boardwalk on your left side. Keep walking another 400m and you’ll find “Blue Pool!” Quite nice colors…

Best to wear some comfortable walking shoes because the Emerald Pool is 800 meters from the parking area. The walk is nice – under trees for the most part, and the path is a large, dirt path that’s quite safe. You could even get a stroller up to the pond if you wanted to. There is another option, there is a concrete raised walkway that goes through the forest. It is safe and quite beautiful as much of it goes along the freshwater stream.

There are some very basic rooms available on-site where you can stay overnight. Unless you’re planning on walking the park at night with a guide to see animals, I wouldn’t think you’d stay overnight. This place is out in the wilderness and there is literally nothing to do except visit the pond.


How to get to Sra Morakot?

This is 55km from Krabi Town and 75km from Ao Nang. Rent a motorbike and go yourself. If you are going to drive yourself here are the directions. Starting from Highway 4 you will go through the Talod Gaew intersection traveling toward Trang. You will go about 30km on Highway 4, passing Nua Klong and then once you are in Klong Thom you will make a left hand turn at the sign for the Crystal Pool – it may say “Sra Morakot” or “Emerald Pool” or “Emerald Pond”. This attraction is called all of these things! You continue for 9km at which point you will make a right hand turn at the sign for the pool. You will continue about another 7km when you will see another sign for Sra Morakot and flags indicating the Thai National Park.


Selling points

  • Blue pool was mesmerizing
  • Unique and mesmerizing
  • Little treasure in Krabi
  • One for the Family
  • Keep on trekking to the Blue Pool
Suggested 6-Day Itinerary For a Holiday in Krabi

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6.0 days
565.25 USD
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Khlong Thom District, Krabi, Thailand

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Tips for you

  • Food and drinks are not allowed to be taken into the park - except for bottles of water.
  • Best to wear some comfortable walking shoes because the Emerald Pool is 800 meters from the parking area.
    What to wear
  • There’s plenty of shade and little seating areas
  • Before 11:00 a.m. Definitely before 2-3 p.m. because children get out of school and sometimes there are 100+ kids here – they love it too! Try to get there early and if your lucky you will have the pool nearly to yourself. Avoid Thai Public Holidays as there can be hundreds and hundreds of people there.
  • The water in the Emerald Pool comes from the very porous rock layers and contains high amounts of Calcium Carbonate so you cannot drink it.
  • Mineral deposits are all around the edges of the Emerald Pool making it extremely slippery, so be careful getting in and out. The water is chest deep and the rocks around the pool are very slippery. Dont pay heed to the same and jump in from wherever you feel most confident or just slide in.
  • End route to the emerald pool there are several hot water springs
    Things nearby
  • There is an entrance fee for the national park but it's well worth it.
    Ticket and Pricing


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The entrance fee to the park is 20 baht for Thais, 200 baht for foreigners: in my opinion, very discriminatory pricing. We visited the park on a Sunday, the place was jammed packed with people‌ overall it was an underwhelming experience..

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take a bike to get here around 200 bath per day and 130 baht for fuel. ride into the highway to Trang about 50 km from Krabi. 200 baht for the entrance quite expensive for me. The emerald pool was stunning and and the blue pool was so beautiful but you can't swim in there.

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It was a nice excursion to go to the pool because of the water is really clear to swim and i can even saw a small fish swim around. The down side was the long walk to the pool it took like 20 minutes to reach there.

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Most of us will definitely complain during the track, why so far and blah blah blah but once you arrived at the pool at jump into it, you will be AMAZED . How blue can the water be just dive in there takes lots of photos. Once done with the Emerald Pool,its time to hike towards the blue pool which is not open for swimming and only for clapping (You will know what I mean when U reach this second blue Pool ) have a few claps here and there and enjoy watching the very blue pool. The entrance fees for the place is a little bit high (200 baht) so my advise is to maximise ur time and chill there. One thing impressed me is that there were a group of workers from the park that were pickig up rubbishes along the way. Cleanness clearly is a big plus here !

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