Sra Gaew Caves

Attraction Khao Pra-Bang Khram, Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand Published on: 03-07-2016

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Sa Kaeo (Sa Kaeo) cave is small cave but visit here, you’ll find some interesting activities such a river kayaking and elephant trekking.

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Why Sra Gaew Caves is special ?

Sa Kaew Cave in Nai Sa village (15km north of Ao Nang) is set to become the focus of worldwide attention from the international cave diving community, after a record-breaking dive that took place there on 18 February 2007. This incredible dive, which took 10 hours to complete, will put Thailand on the map for this, one of the world's most dangerous sports, that had previously focused its attention on underwater caverns in Florida and Mexico.

Please note: cave diving is for trained and experienced individuals only, with a full back-up safety team in place, so do not attempt this sort of "adventure" recklessly.


What to explore at Sra Gaew Caves?

There is a pool of water there that just looks like a small shallow pool with a weird blue color to the water. Bet you can’t touch bottom… It’s 200 meters deep and is the deepest pool in ASIA! There are no signs about this fact and very few tourists ever see it or swim in it – but, it’s safe for swimming and a beautiful view as you’re surrounded by jungle and caves high in the limestone hillside.

How to get to Sra Gaew Caves?

Sa Keao (Sa Keow) cave is located on the way from Krabi to Phangna off the main road. About 20km out of Krabi will be a sign for Sa Keow or Sra Kaew cave which will be a right hand turn. Take that turn and then go a couple of hundred meters. On the right and up a small hill will be another sign for the cave and also for elephant trekking. Â Follow that road until it turns into dirt and gravel and you’ll find river kayaking and elephant trekking on your left. If you don’t turn left for the kayaking continue down the road and on the left will be a sign for Sa Keao (Keow) cave


Selling points

  • Pleasant forest in Ao Nang
  • Good place trekking in Ao Nang
  • Best for picnics on weekend
  • Nice place for lover nature
  • Good for group of friend
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Khao Pra-Bang Khram, Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand

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Tips for you

  • It’s 200 meters deep and is the deepest pool in ASIA!


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I spent more than one hour to explore Sa Kaeo (Sra Kaew). Tourists are not many and I chose weekend. The air is really fresh and friendly locals. This is the ideal place to walk more than 1 hour and you can discover a lot of cave levels.

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