Square Street (Sifangjie)

Attraction Sifang Street, Gucheng Distict, Lijiang 674100, China Published on: 21-09-2016

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Square Street (Sifangjie) is at the center of Lijiang Old Town. It is the most prosperous place crammed with numerous shops and restaurants on both sides of street.

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Why Square Street (Sifangjie) is special ?

Square Street (Sifangjie) is the heart of the town which once served as the most important hub on the Ancient Tea Horse Road. Since the Ming Dynasty, merchants from the four corners of China and beyond have stayed here, bringing with them their own unique cultures. The street has been the center of cultural an economic exchanges in Lijiang for several hundred years.

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What to explore at Square Street (Sifangjie)?

Play jump (datiao) is one of the folk collective dance activities in many places of Yunnan. There is play jump hold in the Square Street for three nights in a week. Bonfire is raised in the middle of the street, gathering many local people and tourists.

Another activity called “street-washing” is a daily custom for local people. After opening the water gate, every household will come out to clean the street with brooms for using the water practically.

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Selling points

  • The best old town in China
  • A bustling old town square
  • Beautiful architecture with Tourist trap atmosphere
  • Always clean and tidy with lots to see and do
  • Typical square for all



Sifang Street, Gucheng Distict, Lijiang 674100, China

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Tips for you

  • The elderly Naxi ladies dancing at the Square in the morning to take photos Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, the Square Street puts on needfire party
  • MacD and KFC 200m north of Square Street for fast food lovers
  • You should take pictures along the way of the bridges and old buildings early in the morning to avoid the crowds
  • Avoid to visit during the weekend and chinese holiday
  • Do not worry about security issues, where many camera head
  • If you are here before 8am in the morning, shops are not open
  • Lijiang has the warmest morning sunshine in the world In the winter, the crowd is not that much
  • There is a Bar Street just beside it and gets lively after 8pm
    Things nearby
  • Cheap hand crafts, drawing, souvenirs, silver wares etc. at every corner
  • Square Street bar very expensive
  • The loud disco bars nearby drown out the local Naxi dance music performance in the evenings


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Square street (Sifangjie) is at the center of Lijiang, 6 streets connect to here from East, South, West and North, in the old days is a Plaza Market Place, people come here to sell or to buy from all direction of the country, Dali and Shangri-La etc, traders buy and sell and move on as the story goes, it's a hub for trading post, as for now, most of the tourist group meets here, in mid afternoon, the place is pact with people, if you are here before 8am in the morning, shops are not open, then it's peace and quiet, take a walk around of some streets, you might feel the old Lijiang alive, close your eyes for moment, imagine hundreds years ago, the sound and sight of Lijiang's everyday life, happen right here.

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