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.Spean Thma is a bridge constructed of reused blocks of sandstone of varying shapes and sizes, which suggests it was built to replace an earlier one.

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Why Spean Thma is special ?

‘Spean Thma’ literally translates to 'Stone Bridge'. Spean Thma is the remnants of an ancient bridge over the Siem Reap River. The bridge has been reconstructed several times over the centuries. As it currently stands the bridge is of post-Angkorian construction, employing carved stone from earlier temples. It sits just to the side of the river, indicating how much the course has shifted over the years, possibly in part due to the build up of sediment and obstruction caused by the bridge. You will pass by it on your way between Angkor Thom and Ta Keo.

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What to explore at Spean Thma?

To fully appreciate this stop, you should walk under the bridge to the other side (away from the road). There is a stream on that side, presumably the same one that used to flow under Spean Thma but it has been realigned. Facing the road (with the bridge between you and the road) the view is awesome, with trees growing on top of the bridge and seemingly weighing the bridge down. It's well worth for a short break.

Selling points

  • Tranquil and peaceful stop
  • If you have time, let's give it a look
  • Away from the busy crowds
  • Photography chance
  • A unique ancient bridge
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Spean Thma Cambodia

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Tips for you

  • A good place for photography


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You pass the remains of this bridge on any tour between Angkor Thom and Ta Prohm. Your Tuk Tuk driver will point it out. What you see is the scant remains of a 900 year old bridge which once spanned the Siem Reap River. The river has since changed its course slightly. Spean Thma literally means Bridge of Stone. It is worth briefly stopping for a photo.

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