So Free Wood Fired Pizza

Restaurant No. 28, Ln. 283, Sec. 3, Roosevelt Rd., Da'an Dist., Taipei City 106 台北市大安區羅斯福路三段283巷28號 Published on: 13-11-2015

11:30 AM - 09:00 PM
4.30 - 5.60 USD

So Free Wood Fired Pizza is good for

Good for family with kids Family with kids Good
Good for senior Senior Good
Good for couple Couple Good
Good for solo Solo Good
Good for group Group Good
  • Highly recommended by fellow travellers.
The place is a little shack with not much seating. Their pizza was enough of a hit for them to open up a second location in the Wanhua District.

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Why So Free Wood Fired Pizza is special ?

The place is a little shack with not much seating. Their pizza was enough of a hit for them to open up a second location in the Wanhua District. They keep it simple and specialized with a limited selection of pizza options; all of which are vegetarian

The menu at So Free Woodfired Pizza and Cheese is short, but sweet. Eight 8 inch pizzas cooked to order in a wood fired oven

They sell international quality cheeses like Gouda that you can take home. That's why the & cheese is in their name. They also sell healthy tea and organic juices. So Free is a great place to go to get a vegetarian pizza.

You should try: the smoked cheese pizza with a touch of black pepper and cumin, or the Ginger Superman (slivered ginger cooked into the cheese, with egg).

Like the restaurant’s architecture, So Free keeps the menu simple with an eye towards the environment and wholesome fare. There is a choice of six small pizzas (NT$120), with which there can be no mixing and matching of toppings.

The service is quick and the portions generous but not gluttonous. The pizza crusts are thin (those used to Pizza Hut might may think a little too thin) and cooked crispy on the outside with the center left soft and chewy.


Selling points

  • Right place to go for pizza
  • Relaxed and VERY tasty!
  • Reasonably priced, decent pizza
  • Excellent Italian style pizza, Taipei toppings
  • Fantastic Pizza


  • Noise level Loud
  • Budget Budget
  • Alcohol YES
  • Air condition NO
  • Had kid menu NO
  • Accept credit card NO
  • Serve breakfast NO
  • Serve halal NO
  • Serve vegeterian YES
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No. 28, Ln. 283, Sec. 3, Roosevelt Rd., Da'an Dist., Taipei City 106 台北市大安區羅斯福路三段283巷28號

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Tips for you

  • There are menu in both Chinese and English menu so it's easy for you to order type of pizza that you like


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reat vegearian pizzas, all cooked in a wood fire brick oven. The smoked cheese is still my favourite. The cinnamon apple (with cheese) is a little strange but a popular choice with locals.

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“nice pizza” I tried sofree pizza for the very first time because of my new yiyicard. yiyicard is a discount card which I bought around 6 weeks ago. this is their website: For me it is much easier to find out new restaurants, specially local restaurant by using this card as I can't read Chinese. So last week I tried sofree pizza at ximen ding. Their decor is interesting, I heard all the wood you see in their restaurant are collected from the beach. They are selling 9'inch pizza and pizza only. No pasta etc. They have two locations. One at ximen which has more seats. The gongguan shop only have few outdoor seats. Sofree pizza only sells vegetarian pizza which isn't a problem for me. The pizza is great. I realized that many pizza places in Taipei sells pizza for 300-500NT which is really alot I think. A pizza at sofree pizza costs 135NT at gongguan and 169NT at ximen so it's really cheap. We always order 3 pizza for the two of us because we eat alot :-)! so we had the mushroom pesto pizza, the smokey cheese pizza and the rosemary potato pizza. The potato one was soso, the other two were really delicious and as other people already said, they don't overload their pizza. Their drinks are cheap, we had the sanpellegrino grapefruit, very refreshing. pretty similar to orangina from france. with the yiyicard we got one pizza for free, so at the end we only paid for two pizzas. we only paid 458NT for three pizza and two drinks! so, if you guys look for a pizza without spending so much money, you definitely have to go to sofree pizza. the toppings are a little bit interesting, but definetly not bad! enjoy!

Surprisingly, I really enjoyed the thin-crust pizza they have here, especially the smoked cheese one. The apple-cinnamon one was pretty good as well. Not much seating available, however. There are a couple bar-style seats and the store is open to the outdoors; I recommend taking your order to-go. Also, the wait for our order was rather lengthy, about 40 minutes. It was worth it though!

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