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Attraction Mt Sylvia Heping District Taichung City Taiwan Published on: 13-11-2015

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Snow Mountain, or Xueshan in Chinese, is a mountain in Taiwan. It's the second highest mountain in Taiwan and in East Asia, at 3,886 m (12,749 ft) above sea level.

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Why Snow Mountain is special ?

Snow Mountain, or Xueshan or Hsuehshan in Chinese, is a mountain in Heping District, Taichung City, Taiwan. It is the second highest mountain in Taiwan and in East Asia, at 3,886 m (12,749 ft) above sea level. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, it was known to Westerners as Mt. Sylvia. In 1923, the mountain gained the name Tsugitakayama, literally the "Second Highest Mountain", because in the Japanese Empire at that time, only Yushan (also on Taiwan) was higher. They are both ahead of Mt. Fuji in terms of height. It was designated part of the Tsugitaka-Taroko National Park by the Governor-General of Taiwan on December 12, 1937.


What to explore at Snow Mountain?

Snow Mountain is the second highest mountain peak in Taiwan, which is 3886m above the sea level. As an icon in Xueba National Park and rather friendly to hikers, Snow Mountain has attracted thousands of hiking lovers from all over the world. Even if Snow Mountain peak itself is located right on the boundary of Miaoli and Taichung, it will be easier to reach it from Yilan. The trailhead of Snow Mountain Hiking trail is in the Wuling Farm, Yilan. Generally, it takes 3 days and 2 nights to complete the round trip hiking. You will have a chance to meet two of the Hundred Peaks, which are a hundred selected great mountains higher than 3000m above sea level by Taiwanese. They are Snow Mountain East Peak (3201m) and Snow Mountain Main Peak (3886m).


How to get to Snow Mountain?

You can drive to Wuling Farm from Taipei in under 4 hours. It's a simple route with the new tunnel, essentially being a ride down the 5 (the tunnel) and then the 7.

By Bus: there is a bus from Ilan to Wuling Farm. Call the 24-hour tourist hotline to get the latest schedule: 0800 011 765.

There is supposed to be a tourist bus within the farm area. Ask at the visitor centre when you get off the bus from Ilan. If there is no bus you will have to walk to the trailhead which will take an hour or two.


Selling points

  • Excellent view and a good trek to the summit
  • The second highest peak in Taiwan 3886m
  • The most scenic hiking trail on the island
  • Exceptionally beautiful with the snow lying on the ground
  • Possibly the most beautiful place in the whole of Taiwan
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Mt Sylvia Heping District Taichung City Taiwan

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Tips for you

  • At Chika cabin, follow a trail behind the cabin to a small waterfall you will find the cabins sinks and toilets.
  • In addition to a national park permit, hikers need to check in at the police station in Wuling Farm and apply for a mountain permit.
    Things to do
  • For those who don't have a good level of fitness, It's best to book a tour. The tour will include food, professional hiking guide and insurance.
    Things to do
  • There are interpretation signs introducing trees, plants, animals and geographical features. They are in English and Chinese and add a lot to the experience.
    What to see
  • There are three hotels and a campground within Wuling. The campground is set on a magnificent valley, surrounded by forested mountains. There are pre-set tents so you don't need to carry your own.
    What to bring
  • Hikers normally reach the summit of Snow and then return to the trailhead (and their vehicles) on the same day. You need to leave 369 Cabin no later than 6am to accomplish this before dark.
  • At 369 Cabin, a sturdy shelter nestled on a slope of Yushan cane, most hikers overnight, getting up at 2am so that they can reach the summit by daybreak.
  • The permits for hiking in Snow Mountain are required and limited due to the limited cabin capacity. Therefore, you should do this hiking during weekdays to ensure the permit of National Park.
  • The trail to the main peak is for the most part broad and clear, and requires mere fitness rather than any technical skill (unless you are going in winter).
    What to know
  • The route for your trip is: Trailhead to Chika Cabin: 2km, 1½ hours, Chika Cabin to 369 Cabin: 5.1km, five to six hours and 369 Cabin to Main Peak: 3.8km, three to four hours.
    What to know
  • It is signposted almost every 100 yards (1.1km, 1.2 km, etc.) with maps at the cabins and various points along the way.
    What to know


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I trekked to the top of this mountain from wiling farm. To complete the trek you need both a mountain permit and a police permit which can be applied for online prior to your arrival in Taiwan. The cabins are free and booked as part of the mountain permit application. Most people climb to the summit for sunrise to see the famous see of clouds. We followed the following schedule: Day 1 - trailhead to Cika cabin - 2500m (2 hours walking) Day 2 - Cika cabin to 369 cabin - 3100m (4 hours walking) Day 3 - 369 cabin to summit - 3886m (3 hours walking + 6 hours back to the trailhead)

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