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Sisowath Quay is a striking three-kilometre-long boulevard and is the most bustling area in the city, with a row of boutiques, bars, cafes, restaurants and luxury hotels.

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Why Sisowath Quay is special ?

Sisowath Quay is a striking three-kilometre-long boulevard, located along the intersection of the Tonle Sap and Mekong rivers. This is perhaps the most bustling area in the city, with a row of boutiques, bars, cafes, restaurants and luxury hotel. Nevertheless, Sisowath Quay has a cool, relaxing atmosphere allowing both Cambodians and tourists to enjoy a delightful getaway there. This esplanade enjoys a strategic location, being at the meeting point of almost all roads that lead to the city’s key highlights.

What to explore at Sisowath Quay?

For art lovers, Sisowath Quay presents an array of options by way of Colours of Cambodia – a must-visit locale if you are passionate about handicraft items and Happy Painting Gallery with its interesting ensemble of pictures based on the lives of people in Cambodia. Further, this is a shoppers’ haven and topping the list of shoppers’ favourites is perhaps silk, and one of the best places to buy this material as well as linen is Kravan House.

There are ample restaurants, cafes and bars to serve almost anything you wish to take a bite of or sip, whether it’s authentic Khmer, Mexican, French Indian or Italian dishes. A highly favoured place for both foreigners and locals is the Foreign Correspondents Club or the FCC. It offers Khmer and western cuisines, in addition to a variety of signature cocktails in its horseshoe-shaped bar.

From releasing live birds from cages to getting your fortune told by one of the many fortune tellers that line the esplanade, to making the most of the music and vibrancy at one of the many nightclubs or sport-themed bars, you can enjoy all of this at Sisowath Quay.


How to get to Sisowath Quay?

Stretching from the Street 104 area to Street 178, Sisowath Quay is about 10 kilometres from Phnom Penh International Airport. Tuk tuks and taxis are widely available.

Located close to Street 104 is Phnom Penh Port, from where ferries depart to Siem Reap on a daily basis. Further, bus companies such as Mekong Express operate here to major destinations across the country.


Selling points

  • “Perfect View of a Laid Back Lifestyle”
  • “Lovely walk along the promenade!”
  • “Cafe Culture Cambodia Style”
  • “Attractive Riverfront”
  • “Great place to stroll.”
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Sisowath Quay

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Tips for you

  • Transportation is very convenient Tuk Tuk driver always standby.
  • The quay is a 3km strip filled with vendors, locals, tourists and are lined with hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes and shops.
    Things to do
  • You can visit royal palace/silver pagoda at one end, then walk along it to reach other end to visit phnom penh nite market
    Things to do
  • Not a place to be after 9 p.m. unless you are part of the bar crowd
  • Wear a backpack or hold your bag on the side facing away from the street.
    What to wear
  • You will be bugged a lot by beggar's. Just learn Ah-tay Ah-kun. . It means "No Thank you."
  • Becareful the walk space is limited or non existent.
  • Lots of beggars and peddlers on the town side but its a poor country and those people are just trying to live
  • Daytimes can be more quiet. Mornings are actually great, without the crowds.
  • Come by the Quay in the evenings during sunset to catch the local buzz - tonnes of restaurants and pubs/bars
  • Safety is not a significant concern during the daytime, although you'll want to keep an eye out for pickpockets and bag snatchers
  • Beware of purse snatchers and pick-pockets, who are emboldened by lack of security.


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The one thing I will say about Phnom Penn is that it was beautiful especially along the riverfront. All of the park areas around central Phnom Penn are so groomed. We wish we would have spent a few more days here. The Sisowath Quay park area is a fantastic place to walk around and stop at the many river front restaurants for a snack or meal and a drink. We chose to find a roof top lounge/restaurant and spent the best part of the evening watching people, traffic and the river. It is a beautiful area.

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It's pretty seldom you find a true melting pot in Cambodia. it seems the rich, the tourists and the poor tend to keep to their own. Sisowath Quay is different. Not only does it afford a busy Asian town to breathe, it allows the old, the young, the beggars, the vendors, the tourist and the rich Khmer lovers to intermingle in a non-threatening way. In the morning, walkers, joggers and western bleary-eyed sops are found up and down the long, paved stretch overlooking the Tonle Sap. By sunset, old ladies are moving in odd ways to the seemingly impromptu aerobics sessions. At night, the party goers and beggars turn up. Although not ideal, it is oddly peaceful (bar the constant traffic!) and the continuous flow of small Vietnamese boat people and sand barges (fast down, painfully slow up stream) add that particular something that I only know as Phnom Penh. That and the backdrop of Sokha's appallingly large hotel perched where the Tonle Sap and Mekong meet. When that monstrosity eventually slips into the water, I will be watching from Sisowath Quay.

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The Boulevard stretches from the Royal Palace up to the Night Market with public exercise equipments (slightly rusty) and kids mini playground. Facing the Mekong River, locals and foreigners can be seen walking, taking a stroll with their families, cycling, playing takraw, soccer among others. There's also an aerobics group that goes on until sun down which is one of the attractions on Sisowath Quay. Just across are plenty of cafes, bars and restaurants with a nice view of the Mekong River.

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Sisowath Quay runs along the river and is a very cool place to hang out. Lined with excellent shops and restaurants, the Quay is very relaxed. Recent works have opened up the area, with wide boulevards off the river lined with seats and palm trees. The locals love it, and you can see all sorts of people here. I was amazed at the dance groups working out after dark - very unusual! An excellent place to relax, eat, drink and enjoy the cool side of Phnom Penh.

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