Sipisopiso Waterfall

Attraction air terjun si piso piso Tongging Merek Karo Regency, North Sumatra Indonesia Published on: 13-11-2015

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Sipisopiso waterfall is located in the Tanah Karo regency, at the northernmost tip of the Lake Toba caldera, near the fishing village of Tongging.

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Why Sipisopiso Waterfall is special ?

The Sipisopiso is a plunge waterfall in the Batak highlands of Sumatra. It is formed by a small underground river of the Karo plateau that hurls itself from a cave in the side of the lake Toba caldera some 120 meters (360 feet) down to lake level. This fact earns it the title for the highest waterfall in Indonesia. Sipisopiso is a well-known tourist attraction and a nearby vantage point offers great vistas of the fall and the lake.

Sipiso-piso name is derived from the word "Piso" which means the blade. This name was given because of the heavy flow of water-water that fell from the hill, with a height of over a hundred meters likened blades sharp. In addition, a steep ravine when viewed from the top of the hill make a local call from Tanah Karo Piso.


What to explore at Sipisopiso Waterfall?

Sipiso-Piso Waterfall has beautiful scenery and fascinating. Among the cliffs that look greenish, fell running water that is not so great. From a monitoring post at Brand, the tourists can enjoy the beauty Sipiso-piso and Lake Toba from a distance.

By the way, if not satisfied to enjoy the beautiful natural sights of Sipiso-piso is from a distance, you can come down to him. Walking slowly down the hills filled with pine trees, toward the waterfall whose name means "knife".

This thundering waterfall is popular with visitors who come to photograph this magnificent natural wonder. Surrounded by a lush green mountainscape and with a rainbow forming at the base of the waterfall, it’s hard to imagine a more impressive subject for a photograph.


How to get to Sipisopiso Waterfall?

In order to visit Sipiso Piso waterfall from Parapet, there is no direct bus. You need to take bus from Parapet to P. Siantar, from there, take another bus to Kabanjahe. It takes more than 5 hours to do this.

You can also use a ferry or boat to view this waterfall. You will depart at Parapet ferry pier and catch a shared van (6 persons) to Bertstagi only 2.5 hours, they open the price Rp 150,000/px and you can negotiate.


Selling points

  • Beautiful waterfall and Toba view
  • One of the great waterfall and canyon
  • Great view from up here
  • Amazing the creation of God
  • Awesome Views Of Lake Toba there
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air terjun si piso piso Tongging Merek Karo Regency, North Sumatra Indonesia

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Tips for you

  • The toilet facilities here is under maintenance and you will definitely not want to use it. You can use it from the local restaurant or shop nearby.
  • If you want to swim around, you need to walk down the stairs it's quite long trail.
    Things to do
  • At the bottom there is a basic tea house and with some climbing over wet boulders you can get close enough to be drenched by spray.
    Things to do
  • You should bring extra clothes as you will get wet when you walk down near the ground.
    What to bring
  • If your child needs a pram, then it would be advisable not to do the hike. It can be tiring and fun but with an added load on your back, it will be exhausting.
  • It will be wiser to be cautious when walking down and up, especially when visiting the place with your children.
  • Restaurants are available around the parking area and some shops selling souvenirs, but don't worry, the sales people are not at all pushy.
    Things nearby
  • Surroundings are very untidy with rubbish thrown everywhere making insects, flies, mosquitoes a heaven home, you should be careful.
    What to know
  • There is a 4000 rupiah entree fee and if you drive to the waterfall some parking charges will be added as well.


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About an hours drive from Berastagi this waterfall can be viewed from the car park which is bordered with eateries and other stalls. To get the full effect, you clamber down 654 steps - uneven shapes and sizes but a handrail for most of the way and not always in full sun. At the bottom there is a basic tea house and with some climbing over wet boulders you can get close enough to be drenched by spray : wear stout shoes and take a wet cover ... Especially for your camera! You will get wet!! Take your time climbing back up and you'll be more or less dry by the time you reach the top. I was pleased we had gone despite the usual litter everywhere. Make time to have a fresh fish lunch beside lake Toba in a village about ten minutes from the falls.

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Wonderful waterfall and very far to reach it. You can also see the rainbow.

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