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Attraction Simala-Lindogon Church Sibonga 6020 Cebu Philippines Published on: 05-01-2018

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Simala Shrine is one of the well-known religious place in the Philippines where thousands of devotees visit the shrine every week which located on Lindogon, Sibonga, Cebu.

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Why Simala Shrine is special ?

Simala Shrine Church is a religious structure and establishment located in Sibonga Town, Southern Cebu.

Simala is a place for people who believes in miracles. This place has been known to be miraculous. The Monastery of the Holy Eucharist is a church in Sibonga for the Marian devotees. The church is very popular among believers not only because it is considered the home of the image of the miraculous Virgin but also because the place is truly amazing and spectacular. The Monastery is the place where the ‘Mga Monghe ni Maria’ [Monks of Mary] lives.

Pilgrimages or visiting religious places is one of the most important aspects that most Filipino Catholics have. This aspect keeps their faith alive and keeps them going despite all the challenges in life.


What to explore at Simala Shrine?

Aside from the beautiful structures, spacious and green environment, you’ll find various religious things inside and outside the church.

For example, you can see a huge statue of Virgin Mary (or the “Mama Maria sa Lindogon” or Birhen sa Himala), sculptures or statues of various saints, various images and statues of the Virgin Mary from various cultural backgrounds, such as the Virgin of Guadalupe or the Virgin wearing a kimono.

Second, you can see a replica of the Nazareth Well where people throw in coins while wishing for something silently in their hearts. Surely, wishing wells are something influenced or brought by European culture but has been adopted by other cultures including Filipino.

The sculptures and architecture inside Simala Shrine Church are also the most interesting things you can find and enjoy with, aside from praying and showing devotion to the Virgin. Certainly, paintings on the ceilings, just like some of those you can find at Sistine Chapel in Rome, are quite conspicuous especially if you have that artistic taste for icons and religious symbols.


How to get to Simala Shrine?

From Cebu City, go to South Bus Terminal near the Elizabeth Mall or also known as "E-mall" and ride a Bus there going to Sibonga. Don't worry about when and where you're going to STOP, just inform the drivers to stop you at the road that will lead you going to Simala Church.

This trip is a 2 hour and a half hour ride from Cebu so you better bring some water and foods with you.

The Safe Sanctuary of Mother Mary is 5 kms away from the Highway from the Bus drop point and you need a motorcycle ride or the famous "Habal-habal ", going to the Simala Church.

There are also cottages there for free and it is available for everyone, for families or group of friends who brought with them their packed lunches.

Don't forget to stop by in Carcar City for their famous delicacy "Chicharon" when you head back home. They have also, “bokarilyo”, “ampao” and many more.


Selling points

  • “A Masterpiece that keeps growing”
  • “Best place for prayers”
  • “Place of Miracles”
  • “Amazing and Stunning Experience”
  • “Simply majestic”
A great 2 day trip to Cebu with my parents

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Simala-Lindogon Church Sibonga 6020 Cebu Philippines

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Tips for you

  • This is where visitors or devotees are allowed to rest, eat and drink your supplies for the day. These cottages are located just within the compound of the shrine itself. And of course, there are washrooms or CRs in the area available.
    Things to do
  • It is also advisable to bring your own protective shields from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, such as umbrellas, hats, sunglasses, shades, sunblock, etc. You can protect yourself from any danger or not waste time praying from getting heat stroke or skin cancer!
    What to bring
  • Picture taking using flashes inside is also prohibited.
  • Especially for women, you are not allowed in when you wear something revealing clothing (including tubes, mini skirts, tight jeans, sleeveless blouse, shorts, etc.)
    What to wear
  • Man or woman is expected to wear that would show honor and respect to the place and other devotees present.
    What to wear
  • You are not allowed to eat food inside the structures, no smoking or drinking alcoholics, and certainly not allowed to make loud noise or anything distracting to others who come to pray or meditates.
  • It is advisable to visit Simala Shrine Church during weekdays, if you want to avoid crowds and other inconveniences in this holy place.
  • You should avoid Saturdays and Sundays and even Fridays. Of course, if you are working full time during weekdays then you don’t have much choices but come on a weekend.
  • Older and people with some illnesses are advised to use the ramp to get in and not use the elevated stairs leading to the church. When entering some places, you are supposed to enter barefooted, such as the prayer rooms.
  • Please, remember that this place is especially established for religious reasons, so it would be advisable to always show respect to the place and to all its visitors whether you are a believer or not.


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The place is truly miraculous. This is the place to go if you wanna thank the Lord, or you need to ask for a special favor from Him. The location is a bit far but going there is definitely worthwhile.

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a lot of people visit this place because it is said that it's miraculous. most devotees come here and people who have wishes/requests to the blessed mother are regularly seen. right now, it is still undergoing expansion that's why there's still construction work on the site. when you decide to visit, make sure to wear clothes that don't show too much skin. shorts & mini skirts are not allowed so you will be suggested to wear a sarong/coverup cloth to go inside.

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I feel blessed every time I visit the place. You can tell all your worries and feel relieved . You can't dislike a place like this

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To be in this place, is heaven here on earth :)Everything is holy, if you enter this sacred place, you will forget being bad. You will forget how to do bad. You will really feel the essence of the Christian community and on how they really value the faith and importance of what they believe. Respect is emphasized, SIMPLY AMAZING :)

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