Siam Niramit Show

Attraction 19 Tiamruammit Road, Bangkok 10320, Thailand Published on: 17-06-2016

1 hours 30 mins
05:30 PM - 10:00 PM
08:00 PM
09:20 PM
First-time visit
Must see
37.70 USD

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  • Highly recommended by fellow travellers.
The Siam Niramit Show is performed on the gigantic stage now listed in the Guinness World Records, featuring over 150 performers with as many as 500 costumes.

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Why Siam Niramit Show is special ?

Travel back in time to the early history and culture of the Kingdom of Siam. You will be amazed and captivated by this two-hour long journey, which delves into over 700 years of Thai history in three stage acts, including the ancient civilisations, spiritual discovery and Thai festivals. Siam Niramit combines an authentic Thai buffet with a world-class stage show depicting Thailand's historical and spiritual heritage. With over 150 dazzling performers and state-of-the-art special effects, it’s a captivating journey. The first act describes how Siam became a cross-roads where civilisations met, the second how karma binds Thai people, and the final act shows how religious ceremony earns Thai people merit in this life.

What to explore at Siam Niramit Show?

Before the show, stroll though the replica villages of the four regions and try your hand at making Thai desserts, crafts or simply enjoy the lovely atmosphere. In addition to the show, you can visit replica villages from the country's rural regions and buy Thai handicrafts.

Selling points

  • Simply the best show ever
  • Rich in Culture
  • A must see cultural stage show in Bangkok
  • Siam Niramit Journey to Enchant Kingdom of Siam
  • Great exhibition of Thai culture
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19 Tiamruammit Road, Bangkok 10320, Thailand

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Tips for you

  • You shouldn't buy anything in this area. They're more expensive what are sold in other places.
  • Consider getting there early and ride the elephants its 200Bak or about $7 US for two people
    Things to do
  • Make sure to reach the venue at least an hour before the show so that you can enjoy the Thai village and the pre-show performances outside the stage.
    Things to do
  • You can take photos with performers without paying money.
  • Cameras are not allowed inside.
  • They have a locker facility otherwise.
  • The park around is really nice, you can explore all regions of Thailand.
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Music, drama, dancing, great sets. A fabulous show. My tween-age boys really enjoyed. Golden Tickets are worth the extra price, nor is the dinner. Definitely the dinner was horrible. The show made for one of our best evenings ever. Also, take the public transit and avoid the traffic. They have a shuttle service that picks guests up at the subway station. Very convenient.

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