Shinyokohama Raumen Museum

Attraction Japan 〒222-0033 神奈川県横浜市 港北区新横浜2丁目14−21 Published on: 27-02-2016

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The "Shinyokohama Raumen Museum" is a unique museum about ramen, a very popular Japanese noodle dish which was originally introduced from China.

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Why Shinyokohama Raumen Museum is special ?

Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum was founded on March 6th, 1994 as the world's first food-themed amusement park. Japan is a country filled with ramen fans, ramen connoisseurs, and certifiable ramen maniacs, and now the city of Yokohama has opened an entire museum devoted to the ubiquitous Chinese noodle. More than just an ordinary museum, it's also part historical theme park and part hyper-specialized restaurant mall. And, unlike your usual dusty museum, it stays open till 11pm to accommodate hungry concertgoers returning from the nearby Yokohama Arena.

Once you're past the entrance turnstiles, the first floor is devoted to numerous museum exhibits and a well-stocked souvenir shop. Clearly the museum's organizers racked their brains to come up with every imaginable ramen-related display they could think of, and the results are here to see -- ramen-making utensils, ramen bowls (over 300), ramen shop matchbooks, chopstick wrappers, curtains and aprons. The historical development of instant ramen is painstakingly chronicled, and the invention of cup ramen (the kind where you pour boiling water directly into a styrofoam cup) is celebrated as the dramatic technological achievement it most certainly was.


What to explore at Shinyokohama Raumen Museum?

In a gallery on the first floor, the Ramen Museum presents the history of ramen noodles in Japan, including the big success of instant ramen. It displays the variety of noodles, soups, toppings and bowls used across Japan, and shows how the noodles are made.

On the two basement floors, visitors can explore a 1:1 replica of some streets and houses of Shitamachi, the old town of Tokyo, of around the year 1958, when the popularity of ramen was rapidly increasing. Nine ramen restaurants can be found there, each featuring a ramen dish from a different region of Japan.

For visitors who wish to try multiple ramen dishes, every store offers "mini ramen", a small portion of the feature dish. Tickets for the meals are purchased at vending machines in front of each stores before entering.


How to get to Shinyokohama Raumen Museum?

18-min by JR Tokaido Main Line limited express from Tokyo Station to Shin-Yokohama Station, 5-min walk from Shin-Yokohama Station

Selling points

  • Suprisingly nostalgic
  • A foodie's paradise
  • Great Idea with Delicious Ramen Restaurants
  • The best place to go if you're a Ramen lover
  • Very good selection of ramen noodles
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Japan 〒222-0033 神奈川県横浜市 港北区新横浜2丁目14−21

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Tips for you

  • You go down one floor and there's a basement packed with about 9 ramen shops.
    Things to do
  • Top floor consists of the museum part of the ramen museum. If you can read Japanese there's lots of information you can read about ramen.
    Things to do
  • Top floor also contains a store that you can buy various souvenirs of Japan and ramen omiyage that you can bring back.
    Things to do
  • There's other shops that sell candy that you will see at the time plus entertainment going on center stage for the kids.
    Things to do
  • There's a map that contains all the flavors of ramen that are displayed on a rotating basis.
    What to see
  • It's better to bring cash.
    What to bring
  • Each restaurant has a ticket machine in front of it. . If you see a photo you like, try to match the writing on the button to similar writing on a button with a lower price.
  • If you come here on weekends, you might have to wait to get seated for around 30 mins.
  • Many of the restaurants will have a menu inside or on the side of the vending machine with the selections translated into English.
    What to know


TripAdvisor View more

The person that created this idea is a pure genius. You need to pay to get in the "museum" and then find a restaurant in there that you want to try and select and pre-pay the item from a vending machine that is assigned to the restaurant. All the places here have a regular bowl and small bowls of ramen. We tried 2 places and ordered small sizes in each. The taste and texture of the noodles varies from place to place but it is good. You won't be disappointed by the food but the long lines getting in the restaurants may. All the restaurants here have a try small seating area. You can also buy fresh ramen that are used in the restaurants.

FourSquare View more

It's Epcot, but for ramen! Try restaurant #4 and #7. All restaurants have English menus and "mini" bowls. If you're hungry, get 3 or 4 mini bowls, then waddle home.

Come here HUNGRY! There are 9 individual ramen restaurants inside and even if you get one of the "small" bowls, you will fill up quickly. Some also have delicious extra nibbles such as gyoza. All ramen is bought via vending machine. You put money in, make your selections, take your tickets and change and hand the ticket to a cook or waitstaff. **Many of the restaurants will have a menu inside or on the side of the vending machine with the selections translated into English** The brochure from your entry lists the different restaurants and categorizes the type of noodle and how rich the broth is. There's not much in the way of "history", and what there is mostly is written in Japanese. We ate at three different stops and all were really tasty. The prices are a little higher than a random ramen place on the street, but here you know for sure what you're getting and it can be a stellar opportunity to sample a few different kinds in one go. We went on a Monday around lunchtime and there weren't too many lines but still quite busy with what seemed to be locals enjoying their lunch break. The gift shop is worth a visit. Buy one of 3 ramen tshirts for about £15. Your friends will think you're a total badass. Fun way to spend a couple of hours on a rainy day during our last day in Tokyo after a week in the city. If you love ramen, you'll enjoy this place.

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