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Attraction Shilin Night Market, 111, Taiwan, 台北市士林區大東路 Published on: 13-11-2015

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The Shilin Night Market is one of the well-organized and most popular night markets. It is separated into two major sections. One sector covers the streets surro

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Why Shilin Night market is special ?

Shilin Night Market is Taipei’s largest and best-known night market in Shilin district with utmost in convenience having MRT Jiantan Station nearby. Previously operated on Jihe Road, right across MRT Jiantan Station in Shilin District, the famous Taipei Shilin Night Market has moved from its temporary site to its newly reconstructed home on December. The new Shillin Night Market is set on Danan Rd. by Zicheng Temple (Zichenggon), which takes about a 5-10 minute walk from MRT Jiantan Station.

Shilin Night Market is not only the most popular Taipei night market for the locals, but also a must-visit Taipei attraction for oversea travelers during their visit to Taipei. Shilin Night Market is famed for a wide array of authentic Taiwan eateries and fashionable clothing. Most of the shops are housed in the indoor enclosure; other shops and stalls can be seen along the streets.


What to explore at Shilin Night market?

The new renovated building of Shilin Night Market is comprised of three basement floors and one ground floor. Two basement levels (B2& B3) are designed to be car parking space, while B1 is where 94 food vendors can be found, offering wide selections of Taiwan snacks. The new home of Shilin Night Market is appointed with air-conditioning, designed to provide a more comfortable space for visitors to savor a memorable Taiwan night market experience.

Shilin Night Market is now closer to other food and clothing stalls on Wenlin and Danan Road, where visitors are also offered with convenience in one-stop shopping. In addition, not all the food stalls in Shilin Night Market have been relocated, 500 other food vendors on Dadong Road and nearby streets are not affected by the relocation. Shilin Night Market is Taipei’s largest and one of the most popular night markets for a wide array of authentic Taiwan eateries and fashionable clothing that one should not miss for their Taiwan travel.


How to get to Shilin Night market?

By Taipei MRT:

Take Taipei MRT-Danshui Line (捷運淡水線) to MRT Jiantan Station(捷運劍潭線).

By Bus:

1. Take minibus no. 15 (小15), 16(小16), 17(小17), 18(小18), 19(小19) to Yangming Theatre stop (陽明戲院站).

2. Take bus no. 109, 203, 216, 220, 260, 267, 279, 280, 285, 310, 606, 612, 646, 685, 902 or Zhongshan Line (中山幹線) to Ming Chuan University stop (銘傳大學站).

3. Take bus no. 203, 216, 218, 224, 266, 280, 304 Chengde Line (304 承德線), 308, 310, 606, 616, 618, 665, or minibus no. 18 (小18) to Xiaobei Street stop (小北街).

4. Take bus no. 41, 529, 620, or 30 Red (紅30) to Shilin Market (士林市場).

5. Take bus no. 109, 220, 203, 260, 267, 277, 279, 285, 612, 646, 685, 902, or Zhongshan Line (中山幹線) to MRT Jiantan Station (捷運劍潭站).

Drive on your own:

No. 1 National Highway (國道一號) -> Taipei Interchange (台北交流道) -> Chonqing N. Rd. (重慶北路) -> Minzu W. Road (民族西路) -> Zhongshan N. Road (中山北路) -> Zhongshan Bridge (中山便橋) -> MRT Jiantan Station (捷運劍潭站) -> make a left turn at Wenlin Road (文林路) -> Shilin Night Market (士林觀光夜市)


Selling points

  • “Everything is available”
  • “Tourists' Night Market”
  • “Fun place to visit at night”
  • “Better than expected”
  • “Excellent place for street window shopping”
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Shilin Night Market, 111, Taiwan, 台北市士林區大東路

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Tips for you

  • This place is located at. Jiantan MRT station exit 1 .Turn left and walk and you will see the night market housed in a building on the right. Take a tour of the building and walk down the right alley and right again at the end of it and you are back at the same MRT.
  • It is convenient to get to by metro, by car and by bus.
  • You should try out the local food at the street stalls and interact with the locals.
    Things to do
  • Lot of mobile stores and unlimited food joints including Indian ones.
  • If you don't mind crowds and want to try street food, this place is an option
  • You shouldn't go with young kids since it is just too crowded.
  • Be a good idea to bring your own trash bag (as trash bins are hard to find) and identify the toilets too.
    What to bring
  • Be prepared for a crowd as Shihlin happens to be the most "touristy" night market in Taipei.
  • The area is huge and near to Jiantan MRT station.
    Things nearby


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This I feel is the best night market for you the occasional Taipei visitor and you may favorably even catch a free bus from Miramar Mall (the one with the Ferris Wheel on top) - it is representative of every doohickey and contraption that you will ever see in the western world ("Ahh yeah, I saw those in the night market in Taipei when I was there selling for less than a buck... how much did you pay again?") and has a cross section of outpouring from whacked out platform shoes and skin tight clothing, t-shirts replete with obligatory missspelinks, a ton of food (hold your breath for the stinky tofu it can burn your nose hairs out) a temple and the must visit underground food court (be brave, you only live once AND you might likely live to tell about it...) It can get ludicrously crowded with movement in tiny ant steps and divided flows, forcing you to pre-plan any exit from your lane or.... you don't get off until much later than intended - the center stalls, displays or carpets in middle of the street are indeed illegal and you would be blessed if "the inspector" arrives because you will experience a magic trick without comparison - the entire center obstructions disappears in LESS than a blink of an eye so fast that if you look one way it will be gone by the time you look back. The inspector walks suitably slow, allowing the shock wave of his presence to take full effect and we followed behind him because as it was phenomenally easier to navigate in his wake - everybody knows him very well - what a hoot! There isn't a restaurant I would recommend after more than a dozen visits - just snack your way through the stalls and pay careful attention to the long line at the fried ('I do not know what it is') stall on the corner... Haven't tried bubble tea? It's your turn - Ditto the stinky tofu... You are supposed to haggle but you can't beat the locals purchasing prowess, so roll with it - kick back and enjoy the wild authentic experience - it is THE thing (next to movie or mall going) of the young and dating crowd and you really shouldn't leave without having smelled and tasted it for bench mark reference and be able to bore your friends with the exuberant retelling of "that time you went to Shihlin Nightmarket in Taipei....and did I tell you...?"

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Awesome night market style food. The place is modeled after the shilin night market in Taipei. The entire place is cash only though.

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