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Shifen Special Scenic Area is located in Shifenliao between Shiding, Ruifang and Shuangxi in northeastern Taiwan. Administratively part of Pingxi District, New Taipei City,

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Why Shifen Scenic Area is special ?

Shifen Special Scenic Area is located in Shifenliao between Shiding, Ruifang and Shuangxi in northeastern Taiwan. Administratively part of Pingxi District, New Taipei City, the terrain here has been carved by a tributary of the Keelung River, northern Taiwan's largest and longest river, into a ravine with a dissected topography. The faults and rock formations have given birth to numerous waterfalls along the river extending north from Houtong to Sandiaoling and onwards to Shifenliao and Pingxi. Among the biggest and best known of these falls, and a popular visitor attraction, is Shifen Waterfall.It locates in the Shifen stop of the Pingxi railroad and the bus stop of Dahua at the upper part of the waterfalls in Keelung River. It is a great waterfall with the big force of the current vast.


What to explore at Shifen Scenic Area?

Shifen Waterfall

Shifen Waterfall lies between Dahua Station and Shifen Station on the Pingxi Railway Line in Pingxi District, New Taipei City. Torrents of water thunder down this curtain-type fall like a white satin sheet. As the water plunges into the large, deep pool beneath, it raises mists that often enshroud the falls

Shifen Station

The Pingxi Branch Rail Line extends 12.9 kilometers through Keelung River Valley from Sandiaoling to Jingtong stations. The line was built in 1918 to transport coal; and in 1992 it was repurposed as a tourism route. Shifen is one of the stops along the line. The station is located in a scenic area that greets visitors with beautiful waterfalls and streams.

Shifen Visitor Center

The Shifen Visitor Center is located in the Ruifang Special Scenic Area. The scenic area covers an area of 56.89 hectares starting from the upper reaches of the Keelung River and embracing Shifen, Xinliao and Nanshan. This scenic paradise has been generously endowed with beautiful mountains, mighty waterfalls, and the intriguing river potholes in Dahua. The visitor center can be reached by a 15-minute walk from Shifen Station along the Old Street.


How to get to Shifen Scenic Area?


Nat'l Hwy 1 → Exit at the Badu Interchange → Prov. Hwy 62 → Exit at the Ruifang Interchange → Prov. Hwy 2D → County Hwy 106 → Shifen.


By Train:

THSR Taipei Station (or TRA Taipei Station) → Take a train to Ruifang or Houtong Railway Station → transfer to the TRA Pingxi Branch Line and get off at Shifen.


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Shifen Scenic Area

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“Must experience for wish lanterns!” This place can be hard to access if you're coming during the peak or weekends. Hire a driver to bring you here, coupled with a trip to Jiufen. The train can be very packed.

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