Shida Night Market

Attraction Shida Night Market Lane 44, Taishun St, Da’an District Taipei City, Taiwan 106 Published on: 13-11-2015

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Shida Night Market is one of the most popular night markets in Taipei for its wide variety of fashionable clothing, complete selection of local snacks, as well as exotic restaurant

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Why Shida Night Market is special ?

Located in arguably one of the most trendy neighbourhoods in Taipei, Shi-Da Night Market unfortunately is only a shadow of what it once was. After some rezoning efforts by the city government, the market is now more compact and quaint, rather than busy and seemingly endless.

The university has a large Mandarin training centre and a popular foreign exchange program, drawing many foreign students to live in this area. It, along with Tianmu in Shilin District, is arguably the most English-friendly area of Taipei.

Shi-Da stands for National Taiwan Normal University (師範大學), shortened to 師大 in Chinese, pronounced Shī Dà.


What to explore at Shida Night Market?

This area of the city is well known for its alternative and trendy style, housing several rock bars, cafés, and restaurants around the area.

Similar to other markets in Taipei, Shi-Da offers a wide selection of night market food, however, Shi-Da also has a large selection of cheap clothes from stylish boutiques, of which many are owned and operated by young entrepreneurs looking to establish themselves. Shopping here is a good way to support the local fashion community, as well as get a good deal on some new designs hard to find elsewhere.


How to get to Shida Night Market?

Take the Green Line 3 to Taipower Building Station (台電大樓). After leaving Exit 3, make a right turn, then make another quick right to reach Shi-Da Road (師大路). The market is located along both Shi-Da road and in the alleys off both sides.

Selling points

  • “Huge market with incredible street food”
  • “Good place for shopping especially for the ladies”
  • “Best Night Market”
  • “Night market for youth”
  • “A lots variety of food”
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Shida Night Market Lane 44, Taishun St, Da’an District Taipei City, Taiwan 106

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Tips for you

  • Food stalls are limited but there are enough to feed your stomach.
  • You can expect this place to be very crowded, especially during peak season and weekends.
  • Be sure to do a weather check before heading down to the night markets
  • Alight at Taipower Building Station and walk along Shida Road. You should reach in ten minutes and the blue area indicate the Night market.
  • It is very popular amongst youngsters because of the close proximity to many Universities nearby.
  • If a night market exists near a university, you can be assured that it will also be home to many fashionable and trendy shops


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If a night market exists near a university, you can be assured that it will also be home to many fashionable and trendy shops. You won't get the typical night market experience at Shida as there aren't unending rows of food stalls, but you still will get a wide selection of dishes and snacks that will fill your tummy. A particularly popular food item here is the Lu Wei (braised assorted food). The famous Lantern Lu Wei is situated on a street corner on the main road and is hard to miss with a perennial queue in front of it. Take the time to explore the many lanes that intersect Longquan Street and you will stumble upon many trendy shops.

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our hotel shuttle driver advised us on where to walk and what to eat which was valuable. I would not have tried the oysters that are flash fryed on an open pan, topped with crepe batter, then an egg, then some greens and rolled up and topped with a sweet sauce--all for about $1.50! and so delicious. worth a trip to the night market just to have this dish

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Good food, but pretty dead on a Monday night. The best is the pineapple bun with condensed milk filling. Some really cute clothing shops line the night market as well.

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It is a good combination for light food and light shoping. Nice small shops. Some are more expensive but some are very reasonable pricing.

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