Shawan Ancient Town

Attraction Sha Wan Xi Cun Panyu, Guangzhou, Guangdong China Published on: 18-09-2016

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Shawan Ancient Town, situated in the center of Panyu District, is a cultural heritage place of Guangzhou. The town is rich in historical and cultural resources and its folk art was famous in southern China.

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How to get to Shawan Ancient Town?

Take subway line 3 to Shiqiao Station first. Get out from Exit B, walk to Baiyue Plaza West Entrance, and take bus Pan 67 to Shawan Culture Center, and then walk northwest to the ancient town.

Alternatively, you can exit Shiqiao Subway Station from Exit C, take bus Pan 12 from Baiyue Plaza East Entrance, or bus Pan 7 / 7b from Baiyue Plaza South Entrance, to Shawan Culture Center. Bus 7b can also reach Liugeng Hall directly.


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Sha Wan Xi Cun Panyu, Guangzhou, Guangdong China

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Tips for you

  • If you take kids they can run around a bit in the side alleys and you can get them some local sweetfoods at one of the 'delicacy' shops.
    Things to do
  • Try to avoid the main street when you first go into the old town, it is very commercialised and not too interesting. Take some time to go into the back streets where the real historical buildings are.
  • There are lots of cafes and restaurants around to take a break, especially the fancy cafe right at the front entrance.


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Shawan Ancient Town is not the typical over-run tourist attraction as it is a noticeable trip “out of town”. The local bus service to get there travels a rather circuitous route but it is well worth the time – and it is disgustingly cheap! Many of the buildings in the town are largely in their original condition and it provides a good feel for what it would have been like a few hundred years ago. The substantial temples and other buildings are not stunningly world class but are well worth a viewing.

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