Sekumpul Waterfall

Attraction Sawan, Lemukih, Kec. Buleleng, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali, Indonesia Published on: 27-03-2016

2 hours 30 mins
09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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First-time visit
1.00 USD

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Sekumpul Waterfall is a hidden gem in the north of Bali. It is well worth the several hour drive from the main resorts, and the challenging walk from Sekumpul village down hundreds of steps and a river crossing.

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Why Sekumpul Waterfall is special ?

Sekumpul waterfall located in Sekumpul village ,Sawan subdistrict, Buleleng regency, Sekumpul waterfall a hidden natural attractions in the northern part of Bali . Sekumpul waterfall is has the beauty and charm that is not known by many people. Sekumpul waterfall can reach around 2.5 hours drive from Denpasar city and 60 minutes from Lovina, the access road from the parking to the attractions about 1 km. Along the road to the attractions you will be pampered with clove plantations and you can see the activity of the local community. Entrance fee Rp 5,000 / pax. And than 300 meters before the waterfall you will find gazebo for a short break while looking at the beautiful view of the Sekumpul waterfall and surroundings, and spoiled the beauty of the rice fields of the point distance, So that your trip will feel memorable.

www.balibestactivities.comSekumpul village is rural predominantly livelihood as farmers and gardening. Plantation which they prioritize the clove plantations which is one of the main income other than farming (growing rice). At the time of clove season arrives, you’ll see immediately how they harvest cloves. If you visit during the season you can join harvest cloves directly. Sekumpul village was a small village whose inhabitants are Hindu, kinship and mutual help system is still strong as you know Bali in general. Sekumpul village is now more famous for their own attraction that Sekumpul waterfall and local communities continue to improve facilities and other supporting factors.


What to explore at Sekumpul Waterfall?


“Yes” trekking is one good way to know Sekumpul village be closer and other village surrounding . Explore the Sekumpul village and surrounding see be directly activities of the local community with a local tour guide. Discover the privilege of your trip here, your trip will be paid to the moment that you do not find elsewhere.

Visit balinese farmer how they cultivate their rice fields with a tool is still traditional.

You can also take part and record it as the moment you are in Bali.

Visit Balinese farmer at harvest time arrives. farmers harvest their crops with traditional tools

You can also take part and record it as the moment you are in Bali. They would be happy to teach you how to harvest rice.

Visit the local community hut, greeted with smiles and hospitality. they are always open every person visiting his house.


Selling points

  • Amazing waterfalls
  • Stunning waterfalls
  • Amazing experience.
  • The best attraction in Bali
  • Nice waterfall, beautiful nature
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Sawan, Lemukih, Kec. Buleleng, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali, Indonesia

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Tips for you

  • Take your own water so you dont have to buy/pay for it there
    What to bring
  • Take a water camera if you have one
    What to bring
  • You will get wet when you're approaching the falls so take extra clothes or wear a bathing suit
    What to bring
  • Pack your towel even if you dont plan to go into the water!
    What to bring
  • You should wear water shoes
  • Recommend you to see not only Sekumpul waterfall (it is the highest), but also Lemukih waterfalls - they are really great!


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It was great time. We organised our trip with Bali Safest Drivers and as it was the end of the wet season - we went early in the morning from Kuta to avoid possible rain in the afternoon. So 3 hours and we were near the entrance. It costed about 15 kRp for a person. about 10 minutes among the jungle and we saw Sekumpul! It was great. So some steps (for me and me wife it was not a problem) and we were down, near fork - the first way was to the Sekumpul and the second - to Lemukih waterfalls. That day I do not know why we saw only 3 persons during all our walking throuhg the jungles. So we simply left our backpacks and trekking shoes near this fork. It was a little bit challenging to get to the waterfall and stand under them (because it was wet season and there was a lot of water at the way to the waterfalls directly), but we managed and this is unbelievable feelieng when you stand under the waterfall. Also! I recommend you to see not only Sekumpul waterfall (it is the highest), but also Lemukih waterfalls - they are really great!

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We decided to do something different this time in Bali rather than the same old thing. So a trip to the waterfalls was arranged. Take into consideration that this is about a 3.5 hr drive from Seminyak... On arrival we are met by the local stewards to the area and asked to pay a fee to enter, about 100kRp. Then you are offered the opportunity to have local guide you down to the waterfalls. If you intend to go swimming this is probably a great idea as someone will then look after your gear. The walk down through the forest and little community takes about 10 - 15 minutes before you get to the stairs leading down to the waterfalls. Did I mention stairs!!!!! OMG. At some point some madman with a love of torture has designed these godforsaken steps.... I am a big chap (125kgs and 195cm tall) and at times i had trouble getting half of my foot onto the step. At some points there are no handrails and you have to take your life into your own hands for some very short lengths. Once we made it to the bottom.... thank god!!!..... you have the option of the waterfalls to the left or the right. To the left no charge... to the right another 150kRp. tis but money.... the waterfalls are very spectacular and you are able to swim at both. Although we didn't because the water was a wee bit cold and I didn't want to look like a girl when I got out of the water. I would suggest some study shoes and be prepared to get them wet and muddy..... Ok, now for the stairs again!!!!>...... OMG did I say stairs, god help me I am sweating just writing this..... Oh the pain!!! The were over 300 steps from top to bottom. At some point the steps are nearly vertical... basically had my hands on steps that were three or four above me and walked up that way. We tried to do the stairs in 100 lots... Yeah right!. First 100 down and I am thinking that I need a Bintang and a good lay down, let alone a 4 hour massage. So we set out for the next 100.... did I say 50. Now to imagine my legs are burning at this stage is an understatement because basically I can't feel anything from the waist down. My lungs are on fire and I am over heating like a rusty old Ford. We spend about 30 minutes trying to get air into our tortured longs and bring our core temp down to just below boiling.... then we set off once again... yes another 50..... Now my brain is on autopilot as I can't talk and only make incoherent sounds... my vision is blurred and I think that at sometime I may have wet myself.... but i didn't care anymore. I am just thinking to myself... how the hell are they going to get me out of here if I have a heart attack or worse.... Another 30 minute break which did absolutely nothing except cause cramping and now started the the irritation of chaffing .... oh yeah, great day out. Ok lets see if we can do this in one push.... HOLY HECK...... thats it I quit!!! My breath is coming out in great gasps like the ravaged breathes of a dying dragon.. the chaffing is now so bad that I thought at one stage I had lost one of my testicles, but i didn't care.... I don't know about cramps anymore if all of a sudden I have spikes driven into the very fibre of my being and they are slowly being tightened. I can't cry anymore because I have no body fluids left. I have thrown caution tot he wind, or maybe thats because my brain has melted... and i have taken off my shirt, hat and shorts and I am now wandering up the mountain wearing nothing but my sneakers and a weird grin..... I did wonder why the locals were looking at me funny and laughing. Finally we make it to the top of the steps.... OH HELL did I say stairs.... 320 bloody steps.... nearly vertical, no handrails and hardly wide enough for my feet. At the to of the steps there is a little kiosk that offers a cup of warm tea.... WARM TEA!!!! are you kidding me.... I nearly drank him dry of Bintang.... OMG they were so cold...... After a little discussion we discovered that we could the locals to come and get us on a couple of scooters... for 20kRp bring em on!! So.... oh it ain't done yet.... My Fiancee gets on the back of the studdly young buck's bike and get on with granddad. All seems to be going well until we start to ride up a fairly steep section and pops hasn't given it enough throttle... and yes the moped decides that it wants to part way with the earth and starts to tip over backwards. I was lucky enough to be able to step off the moped without any issue.... Pops on the other hand.... he was going over with the bike until i grabbed him by the shirt and lifted him off the moped.... eventually we got everything sorted and back to the top. Was it worth the effort. Absolutely. The waterfalls were spectacular with plenty of wildlife and beautiful flowers and birds. 7 waterfalls in total, although they aren't particularly high they are still beautiful.

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