Sao Beach

Attraction Unnamed Rd, Phú Quốc, tỉnh Kiên Giang, Vietnam Published on: 05-03-2016

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Sao Beach is located on the eastern side of Phu Quoc Island in An Thoi Town. It is 7 km's of white sandy heaven.

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Why Sao Beach is special ?

Sao Beach is located on the eastern side of Phu Quoc Island in An Thoi Town. It is 7 km's of white sandy heaven. Sao Beach is famous for its white sand. The sand is powdery and light, reminiscent of the sand found in the Caribean's. The "whitest and cleanest" strectch of sand can be found in the northern part near the Paradiso REstaurant. Far, south, the sand becomes more coarse with a yellowish hue. There is also a lot more trash in the southern part of the beach. The water surrounding the beach is calm, warm, and with a distinctive turquoise blue color. The further out you go, the darker the ocean becomes. The sand leading into the water contains no rocks and there is no sudden drop, but rather a gentle slope.


What to explore at Sao Beach?

The best thing to see here is the beach itself. You can walk up and down the beach and look for crabs, snails, and other small crustaceans. In the far northern and southern part of the beach you can enter the jungle through some small trails made by the local people. If yout want to snorkel or introduce your chidlren to snorkeling, you can do so near the rocks by the Long Beach resort. There you will see some fish and shell fish. If you are day tripping to Sao Beach the you can use one of the many beach chairs and high quality loungers available at the PArasido REstaurant provided the you purchase a drink.


How to get to Sao Beach?

It takes 39 mins driving from Phu Quoc Airport. You can hire a private vehicle to visit the nice place.

Selling points

  • Beautiful beach with white and clean sand
  • Perfect beach for perfect trip to Phu Quoc Island
  • A slice of paradise
  • Heat the beat
  • Great place for family day out
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Unnamed Rd, Phú Quốc, tỉnh Kiên Giang, Vietnam

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Tips for you

  • If you’re adventurous, rent a motobike and ride down the only highway from the main town of Duong Dong (high chance you will be staying here) to Sao Beach in the South.
  • You can bring some food and drink to have a nice picnic with your friends or family.
  • You should bring your camera to caught the spectacular sightseeing of the nice beach.
  • You should keep a clean environment in the nice place.
  • You should bring umbrella or raincoat, weather is unpredictable.
  • You should wear the comfortable shoes and cool clothes.
    What to wear
  • You should keep eyes on your children to avoid getting lost.
  • It is located at Unnamed Rd, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang province, Vietnam.
  • You should bring plenty of cash in case your want to buy something.
    What to bring
  • You need bring some clothes to change in case you want to swim.
    What to bring
  • There are a lot of restaurant along the beach, so you can enjoy some food.


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Beautiful white sand beach with clear water, but need 10,000 Vietnamese Dong (around US 50¢) to go to the bathroom

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My hubby and I first found this beach on an organised tour, teaming with locals on holiday and my idea of a nightmare! But after a walk up the north end we stumbled upon a a lovely looking bar which had some accommodation attached. It's called the Beach House formerly known as Ghecko Jack's. The cost is $50, there and then we decided to book and exit from our previous accommodation because of the rough sea in Duong Dong at this time of year. We ended up extending our stay here for four days because of of the location, great beach and most of all living locally for a few days. People watching is a great past time especially when the local holiday makers arrive to take their boat the morning I would be the only one swimming. Down the beach fishing nets are getting untangled, locals setting nets and everyone else getting sorted for the influx of tourists about to arrive. In conclusion, if you take this beach as it comes, enjoy eating gorgeous fresh shellfish and prawns with the locals and always remember your in Asia then you have a travellers paradise. Next door to the Beach House is a beach shack which services fish, ice, fruit and provides cafe service and also services the tour boats. You buy your shellfish and prawns by the weight from their stall and they cook it for a nominal fee 55,000d. Shellfish is served in an open she'll with an amazing crust and sauce. At the north end you have cafe Paradiso which serves creme caramels for 35,000....delicious. For those who prefer western food, The beach house does yummy pizzas, with an extensive range. We leave paradise with regret. It is a fav spot of ours.

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