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Attraction Sanxia Old Street Published on: 17-11-2015

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Sanxia is a traditional district located in northern Taiwan, easily accessible from Taipei. It has become known in recent years mainly because of its Qingshui Zushi

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Why Sanxia Old Street is special ?

Sanxia is a traditional district located in northern Taiwan, easily accessible from Taipei. It has become known in recent years mainly because of its Qingshui Zushi (Divine Ancestor) Temple, which is unique among all the Chinese temples of the world for the painstaking and time-consuming dedication to classical temple arts that is manifested in its modern reconstruction work.

The town, originally named Sanjiaoyong after its location at the confluence of three rivers, was given its present name of Sanxia (Three Gorges, also the name of its main river) in 1920. Nestled where fertile plains meet mountain foothills, and blessed with convenient inland river transport, Sanxia offered excellent conditions for development in the early years of Taiwan's settlement by the Chinese. It quickly became an important goods distribution center and a base for the production of camphor, the growing of tea, and especially the dyeing of cloth. As transport shifted elsewhere and the use of river transportation declined, however, Sanxia gradually lost its importance as a commercial center.


What to explore at Sanxia Old Street?

Sanxia Old Street has the best preserved, the most intact and consentaneous view of the earliest period of Taiwan. The arched red brick hallways, the squat maiden walls and the Baroque styled buildings stands are some of the features represent the time of Japanese colonial era, while the various delicate figure carvings on the outside of the building, such as traditional Chinese patterns, animal figures, and foreign patterns, showed the prosperousness of the past. Also, the street is lined with a diversity of styles of merchant houses, where visitors may savor the unique reminiscent atmosphere.

Nowadays, the old street is filled by a rendezvous of mouth-watering Taiwan specials, precious artifacts, Chinese style teahouses, old-fashioned style fabric stores, Chinese herbal medicine pharmacies, and traditional handcrafts and indigo dye stores. Cloth dyeing industry in Sanxia Old Street was passed down from Qing dynasty; it was also the heart of cloth dyeing industry at that time. Visitors may visit the local workshops to learn how to dyeing and enjoy the fun and spirit of traditional dyeing industry.


How to get to Sanxia Old Street?


Nat'l Hwy 3 → Exit at the Sanying Interchange → County Hwy 110 → Dazhi Rd. → Zhongshan Rd. → Minquan St.


THSR Banqiao Station (or TRA Banqiao Station) → Taipei City Bus (No. 702, No. 705, No. 812, No. 910) → Sanxia Old Street


Selling points

  • A street of old world charm
  • The origin of the Cow's Horn Bread (Croissant like bread)
  • A feel of history in Sanxia
  • Nice little old town
  • Best pork rice!
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Sanxia Old Street

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Tips for you

  • The street itself is really tiny and filled with people, if you are not that kind of people who likes crowded area then highly avoid it.
  • You can not only spend your time looking around in these charming shops here, but also treat yourself with some popular delicacies like Croissant, Sushi, Pig blood cake …etc.
  • This is a huge place but you sure will have a good time looking for a public toilet.


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“Pleasant half day trip...” This is a place I have always wanted to go but couldn't squeeze in time for it during my first trip. I almost skipped it again on my second trip but due to a cancellation to my intended trip to PingHsi and JiuFen due to overcrowding, I finally got to visit this place. What a blessing in disguise! I love this place! Lots of food and cheap souvenirs! A must-try is the cow horn croissants that this old street is famous for. The whole street is lined up with shops selling this so you can practically eat it from start to the end. Try the original flavour first before getting your hands on the assorted ones. What I like about this place is that even on a public holiday, it's not horribly crowded. U have room to walk and space for standing to eat your street snacks. This is probably because it takes abit of an effort to get here and it is not as touristry as the other old streets. Great place for photo taking as well... Very nostalgic! Directions: Take the MRT Blue Line to the last station Yongning and then take a bus. There are a few bus services to choose from and they can be found on the Information Board at the MRT. If I am not wrong, 2 of the bus services are 705 and 706. The journey is about 20-30 minutes. After alighting from the bus, U will have to walk about 10 mins. Sounds tiring but I will still squeeze this into my next itinerary for Taipei but I would probably do a late afternoon one as they say the street lights are lovely in the evening. Worth the half day trip!

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