Sandbank (Maafushi Island)

Attraction Maafushi Maldives Published on: 13-11-2015

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Sandbank is a landform consisting of a sandbar in water, which creates a shallow area which may pose a hazard to watercraft.

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Why Sandbank (Maafushi Island) is special ?

Sandbank, near Maafushi Island, is one of hundred beautiful sandbank in Maldives. Sandbank is a landform consisting of a sandbar in water, which creates a shallow area which may pose a hazard to watercraft. Sand banks area deposit of sand forming a shallow area in the sea or a river.

The Sandbank near Maafushi is considered as a rest spot for visitors after a half day trip out of their resort on Maafushi Island. Tourists visit these sand banks to get a feeling of standing on your “private island”. You will immerse in white powdery beaches, pristine water lagoons, sunny skies together with its crystal clear water.


What to explore at Sandbank (Maafushi Island)?

Numerous luxury resorts of Maafushi Island offer you the opportunity to feel like a Robinson for a day or a few hours on one of these private hideaways. On request you will be privately transferred to the sandbank just 10 minutes away from the hotel for a private and exclusive time. The choice is yours, an elegant picnic, a table for 2 to enjoy a delicious lunch, have a cocktail or a Dinner at sunset. Everything you do is just bring a good Sun protection a hat and any accessory that suits to your need. The hotel will bring you the rest.

How to get to Sandbank (Maafushi Island)?

The sandbank near Maafushi Island is stiuated in the western side of Maafushi. The boat trip from Maafushi will take you about 10 - 15 minutes to reach there.

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Maafushi Maldives

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Tips for you

  • Since there is no prior booking for this island, there is no guarantee that you will be alone. There can still be people from other hotels on the sand bank.
  • Most of boat drivers will take you to the sandbank, prepare everything for you like the umbrella, snorkeling gear, etc and they leave you there. Make sure you tell them what time they will pick you up.
    Things to do
  • There are usually no trees or shrubs growing there as they get submerged during the high tide.
    What to know

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