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Attraction 1002 General Luna St Intramuros, Manila Metro Manila Philippines Published on: 13-11-2015

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The San Agustin Museum Manila is located in Intramuros which features the church’s huge collection of religious art and other artifacts with some even dating back to 16th century.

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Why San Agustin Museum is special ?

The San Agustin Museum Manila is adjacent to the San Agustin Church, known as the Philippine’s oldest church. It is a treasury of religious art pieces. This museum is housed in the adjacent San Agustin Monastery, and exhibits art and artifacts from the Philippines, Spain, Mexico and other cultural centers. The original Augustinians arrived in the Philippines in 1565 just a few decades after Magellan explored the islands, meaning that the aforementioned museum is no slouch. Despite having been damaged by British forces in the 18th century, American forces in the 19th century, and the Japanese in the 20th, it’s in fine fettle (partially owing to a painstaking restoration effort undertaken in the 1970s).


What to explore at San Agustin Museum?

While you are at the San Agustin Church, you might want to also take a look around the San Agustin Museum nearby. Connected to the centuries-old church through a passageway from the balcony, the San Agustin Museum preserves the church’s ecclesiastical relics and artworks such as wooden and ivory statues, Dominican paintings and sculptures, renditions of the galleon ships, the church’s 3400-kilogram bell and other architectural emblems of Spanish Catholicism.

The hallways are lined with large paintings of saints, approximately 2 meters in height, and the rooms, which used to be the sleeping quarters of the friars, have various statues and other art pieces on display. On the 2nd floor, there’s a room where you can see the inside of the church from above. The ceilings look like they are carved, but it is actually a Trompe-l’œil.


How to get to San Agustin Museum?

The most common way of reaching San Agustin Church is by taxi. However, if you want to feel the life in Old-Manila (Intramuros), you can board a jeepney going to Divisoria. Tell the driver to drop you off in front of Manila City hall. Cross the street using the underpass and walk several meters until you see the entrance of the Walled City. Ride a horse drawn carriage going to San Agustin Church to experience what it used to feel during the Spanish Times.

Another option is from LRT Carriedo station, you can walk towards Sta. Cruz Church. At the corner are jeepneys plying the Pier route. It will pass in front of Manila Cathedral. You can just walk to San Agustin Church, it's about 2 blocks away. You might as well visit Fort Santiago and Manila Cathedral since it's first time in Intramuros.

You can also take LRT Line 1 from Carriedo and get off at Central Terminal, and then walking toward 1.4km on Victoria St and General Luna St to reach the place.


Selling points

  • Well Preserved Religious History
  • A great place to learn some Intramuros history
  • Pretty typical Catholic church from the modern era
  • Fantastic hostorical preservation
  • Stunning relics and history, like a mini Vatican
3  nice days in Manila with my family

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1002 General Luna St Intramuros, Manila Metro Manila Philippines

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Tips for you

  • The opening hours of the San Agustin Museum is daily at 8:00am to 12:00 and then closes and reopens at 1:00pm through to 6:00pm.
  • You are only allowed to take photos in the hallways only.
  • The museum charges 100 PHP for adults, 80 PHP for seniors, and 40 PHP for children. There are also discounts for college and high school students, so be sure to inquire about pricing upon your arrival.
    Ticket and Pricing
  • The websites for both attractions offer up-to-date listings of upcoming special events. You can check on their website and join in any events suitable for you.
  • You can catch a horse-drawn carriage for a tourists tour of Intramuros, but you should bargain the cost in advance.
    Things to do
  • You have to leave any hand luggage behind at the reception area, they will register it for you and hand you a ticket for your collection. You should take any valuables with you, never tempt fate.
    Things to do
  • You should get a tour guide in advance who can take you around Intramuros and this museum. There are some relics inside the museum which lacks of clear information.
    Things to do


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Intramuros is a walled city that dates back to Spanish times. Located in Intramuros is the Manila Cathedral, where many high profile Filipinos get married.You can catch a horse-drawn carriage for a tourists tour of Intramuros or you can take a walking tour. The horse-drwan tour will avoid the eyesores that are the squatters areas located inside Intramuros, and focus on tourist friendly subjects like the cathedral, architecture, parks, and tourist shops.Outside is the 18 hole golf course. Not so challenging, but convenient and walkable.I recommend that you absorbe Intramuros as a reminder of the Spanish presence in the Philippines. It is relatively safe, and will give you some background as to why the Philippines is as it is today.

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This place is very interesting and must see when you are visitng Intramuros. We visited them in March 2015 and during our visit, renovation was already done for second floor and it was amazing.I think that when renovation is fully done, this place will marvelous peace of history of Manila

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Stopped by here as part of a intramuros tricycle tour. Did not go into the museum, but did go into the church. It's worth the stop.

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A huge iron cast bell greeted us upon entering the convent from porter’s lodge. Inscribed on the bell are the words “The Most Sweet Name of Jesus.” The bell was cast in 1829 by Benito delos Reyes. It was taken down from the belfry damaged by the earthquake. The hall at the other end was the Sala Recibidor. Today, the former classroom and receiving area, houses the ivory collection of art patron Luis Ma. Araneta.

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