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Attraction Kampot, Cambodia Published on: 03-05-2016

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Kampot’s salt is of a more natural quality than salts produced in foreign countries, since no factories are used in its developmental process.

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Why Salt Field is special ?

Kampot province is famous for its salt fields.

Over a thousand hectares of land in Kampot are used as salt fields, and you can find them on the road from Kampot to Kep. Salt production in Cambodia is limited to the dry season months. The pools are filled with ocean water and the water is allowed to evaporate leaving salt crystals. The process is repeated several times and the salt is then collected and delivered to a salt factory where it is cleaned and iodine is added.

Salt is an indispensable food product and important source of nutrition for humans. In Cambodia, salt production is highly depending on weather conditions. If the weather condition is good the yields are very favorable. In order to get the final salt product a stepwise production process is required that takes around 30 to 45 days including the addition of iodine substance before market distribution is possible.


What to explore at Salt Field?

The salt fields are closed to the ocean, and water is let in from the ocean to the fields. The fields are then blocked from the ocean, and the water is allowed to evaporate, leaving salt crystals. This process is repeated many times. The raw salt is then collected and piled up in warehouses in the salt fields. Then, it's delivered to the salt factory, where it is cleaned, Iodine is added, and packaged in 50 Kilogram bags, for shipment throughout the country. All salt production is done without any machines - all manual work by humans, mostly women.

Production: Kep-Kampot’s salt producing fields comprise 4,476 hectare. Yields are approximately 140,000 tons per year for good weather condition; however, too heavy rain can reduce the output to 13,000 tons per year (which causes a shortage of salt in the domestic market)

Producers: In total, 185 groups of salt producers exist in Kep and Kampot. Salt producing fields located along coastal line from Kep reach from Thmey village, Boeung Touk Commune, Kampot District to Loke village, Ruessy Sroke Commune, Kampong Trarch District, which is next to the Vietnamese border.

Market: Domestic market


Selling points

  • A new look on Cambodia
  • Salt field - Attentive salt workers
  • A combination of nature and human beings
  • Salt heaven
  • A sky of salt
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Kampot, Cambodia

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Tips for you

  • Don't forget to bring hats, sun protection and camera.
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  • Salt workers are willing to take photos so you needn't to worry about that problem.
  • It's better to rent a bike to get around this place.
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  • If you can, don't get too close to the field as you can get wet

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