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Shopping 7-9 Ton Duc Thang District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Published on: 13-11-2015

08:00 AM - 10:00 PM
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Saigon Square is literally packed to the roof with everything from DVD’s to luxury watches and blue jeans. Frequented by expatriates and locals, cheap copies of designer sportswear rub shoulders

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Why Saigon Square is special ?

Shops and stalls in Saigon Square are seemingly placed haphazardly around the mall so the best thing to do is just stroll along the aisles looking for something that takes your fancy. Bargaining is expected here and as it is so close to the tourist heart of Ho Chi Minh, prices are initially inflated. If there is something you have your eye on, shop around and enquire about prices as it is fairly easy to find different shops selling similar items. Just consider what you would be willing to pay for an item and bargain accordingly.

Saigon Square is also one of the better places in Saigon to shop for coats as several booths stock them.


What to explore at Saigon Square?

You’ll find the usual fair of contemporary stuffs like Clumpler bag made in Vietnam, Gucci and Ray Ban sunglasses, iPhone cover, Nike shoes, DVD, Columbia jacket, Abercrombie polo and more. I went armed with 2 cameras but when I saw the similarities, I thought I should just share the post on the old Saigon Square here. Check out the link and you’ll get a good idea of what Saigon Square 2 has to offer.

You’ll also find quite a few independent boutiques selling original items. This luxury of space does come at a price; asking and selling prices are going to be higher. In fact, if you’re looking for an intense round of bargaining this probably isn’t your place as it may be hard to shave more than a dollar or two off a price.


How to get to Saigon Square?

it’s just a few blocks from the 33-storey Prudential building. If you are staying in the Legend Hotel, turn left at the entrance. The road will naturally lead you to a left turn and Saigon Square 2 is just round the corner after that. Saigon Square 2 address is 7 – 9 Ton Duc Thang, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.


Selling points

  • “Best clothing values and top labels”
  • “much better than ben thanh market...”
  • “A great market and great prices”
  • “Everything you'll ever need.. clothing and acccessory wise”
  • “Teenage brand heaven”
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7-9 Ton Duc Thang District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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Tips for you

  • There are actually two Saigon Squares! Saigon Square 2 is on the shaded corner of Ton Duc Thang. This Saigon Square is by far the most browse friendly of the three places I mention here because, unlike the tight corridors of Ben Thanh or the slightly more manageable aisles of Saigon Square 1, here you have plenty of room to manoeuvre between stalls.
  • You should expect to get no more than 10-20% discount on goods that you purchase at Saigon Square 1 & 2.


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For a good bargain A to Z things !

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Another Saigon Sq. this one however is smaller and nothing much compared to the one at Hoang Thanh center. Still can get some pretty good buys here though :) Shopping spot 

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look closer, good fashion finds

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Free to use bathrooms

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They have ATM machines here...HSBC, Commonwealth Bank, Sacom Bank, etc...

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I enjoyed shopping because of the available knock out class A items here...north face,Kipling jackets and bags.shirts available where gap,HnM and a lot more.i bought so many items and really cheap prices!

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Yet more knock off clothes. The shops are mostly copies of each other too all selling the same stuff. No point specifically going here as you most likely will have seen everything somewhere else already.

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Saigon Square was not as large as we anticipated and the upstairs area quite small. The shops sell much the same clothing products and it is questionable if all the items are genuine as we saw examples of knock off items. There isn't a great range in most shops especially for men and beware that the sizes may not be what you are used too. For example I normally wear a large mens yet found the XXL too small in most if not all shirts. Shoe sizes are only what you see so it is pot luck to get a sport shoe you specifically want. We were rather disappointed with our experience.

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First off, it's air conditioned. Shop owners speak decent English. There is an exchange booth for currency at the front that gives great rates, far better than hotels and even some banks. We bought many clothes at great prices. True religion jeans to North Face Jackets. For about 500-700 VND or 23-28 bucks. The shops have different starting prices so buyer beware. Also quality is different. Check over what one buys. Overall, this is our favourite place to shop. Way better than the back packers district or Ben Thanh Market. Those places tend to charge more for their brand names.

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For a good bargain A to Z things

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