Safari World (Animals & Aquarium)

Attraction 99 Panyaintra Road,Samwatawantok,Klongsamwa, Bangkok 10510, Thailand Published on: 17-06-2016

9 hours
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
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Parks & Aquarium
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Safari World (Animals & Aquarium) is good for

Good for family with kids Family with kids Good
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Safari World is a well-known Zoo outside of Bangkok where people can find various kinds of animals like giraffe, elephants, dolphins etc.

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Why Safari World (Animals & Aquarium) is special ?

The safari world of Thailand is an intriguing mixture of humans, science and animals that is informative and entertaining for kids. World is offered various the animal shows which are fun and quite entertaining. Especially, the lion and dolphin shows are the most applause on account of the funny and enthusiastic commentary by the young presenter and the sense of humor of the well trained sea animals. Therefore, we could say that they are tacky and hilarious - all in all great entertainment.

What to explore at Safari World (Animals & Aquarium)?

There are so many different shows to watch, food to eat and even a little shopping in Safari world. This is an almost-all day activity venue, therefore, it is better that you should go there in the early morning, so you can catch all the shows as well as do the safari bus/car ride.

Safari world with marine park is a full day outing. Safari world is divided into safari and Marine Park.

Marine Park offers different shows like orangutan show, sea lion show, dolphin show which are very enjoyable. Along with that they do have other wild animals put in cages like any other zoo. Especially, orangutan show and dolphin show are wonderful and Dolphin show is better here as compared to the one in Singapore. Here you can also take pictures with cubs, orangutans and dolphins for a price (200-400 bhats). The highlights of the safari park are the white elephant & white rhino. Including a science-fiction show and a cowboy stunt show which can give kids an idea about the old American West. You can visit the safari park with a micro bus where all the animals are set

There is also a mini park where you can get to feed the small birds and they are beautiful. Enjoy watching the dolphin show. On the other hand, Spywar show is good. Special effects is great and a must watch. It is worthy to watch the birds show too. You will pay around 390 baht to 400 baht to take picture with the birds or animals. There are also a great number of giraffes and other animals like kangaroos, wallabies, orang utans, tigers, crocodiles and sea lions.

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How to get to Safari World (Animals & Aquarium)?

1/ By Taxi:
Take a taxi to the park which costs around 200 baht per trip, facing the BTS Skytrain Station to the park that is about a 30 minute ride
2/ By bus:
By the public buses along Democracy Monument, facing the BTS Skytrain Station to the park that is about a 30 minute ride
From Khao San, take bus No. 60 to Fashion Island (20B). Fashion Island is a big mall, around 2.5 to 3 hours ride of bus to reach there.
Returning to KhaoSan from Safari World, you have to walk out to the main road in order to get the No.9 Sangtheaw. Same processure, stop at opposite of Fashion Island. Get bus number 60 or 12.
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Selling points

  • Visit animals in their natural habitat
  • Good place for family fun!
  • A Wild Experience
  • Safari in the heart of Bangkok
  • Wonderful Outing spot with friends & family
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99 Panyaintra Road,Samwatawantok,Klongsamwa, Bangkok 10510, Thailand

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Tips for you

  • If you travel there with over 4 people, you should book a van to get more confortable and convenient
  • When you visit Safari world by bus that is superlative experience
  • If you travel by bus, it will take very long time to reach Safari World, you probably miss a few animal shows in the morning unless you start going early
  • Please notice that you should be careful while you are in the vehicle because sometimes wild animals like tigers and lions are very close to cars.
  • MARINE PARK provides a fun-filled family day where you can enjoy 7 marvelous world-class animal shows, including Bird show, Sea lion show, Dolphine and Whale show, Orang-Utang boxing show, Polar bear feeding show, etc
    Things to do
  • Here you can purchase a bucket of bananas for around 40 Baht
    Things to do
  • You can take some pictures with some characters/ animals but you need to pay 20 baths
  • In the Buffet lunch, if you are not familiar with Indian food, you should try the International or Thai food which is much better, since Indian Buffet there is not so good
  • Food is not allowed to be taken inside the park, but there are many kinds of food stalls there
  • It is very few animals and sometimes the half of the safari park is closed, the show is very basic and the foods are not so good tastes
  • You should reach shows at least 15 minutes before they start
  • You should visit there in the morning which has cooler temperature and you don't miss any of the animal shows.
  • You should have a good look at the map and prepare your route since you can be a bit of a walk between shows.
  • You should keep your camera ready and extra batteries
    Things nearby
  • The weather is very hot in summer, so, you should take plenty of water bottles that are needed to get through the day, and also bring hat or umbrella and long sleeves shirt
    What to bring
  • If you take ticket which includes lunch option, make sure that you take lunch at punctual time, as it is closed by 2.00PM
    Ticket and Pricing


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We only had the chance to see 2 shows - Cowboy (Explosive) Show and The Dolphin Show. I enjoyed the latter because of the talented dolphins. The cowboy show was like meh - I didn't understand a thing of what was going on with the story (or if there was a story in the first place). We had lunch at their buffet station - food was terrible. The Safari World was a huge place and we also got the chance to see the animals in their habitat while we are inside our bus. I pity the animals.

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A lots of fun there, suggest go early to catch all the shows, say be there at 9:00 am. It's a whole day activities til 3:00, back to Bangkok at 4 for more shopping or massage. Kids love to feed giraffes, and enjoy the elephant show too.

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I visited as part of a group - and only wanted to the elephant ride. Staff encouraged we visit the elephant show, and other shows. For me the show was sad - but entertaining, I would rather see the elephants doing their own thing rather than performing.The elephant ride was fabulous! Great pics and happy memories.I also had a photo feeding a baby lion(ess). Lovely pic but again rather sad to see it being chained up for photos.As it was once in a lifetime I didn't quibble the hefty fee.

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Safari world , Bangkok , is a place to visit only if one was travelling with kids. There are two parts of the safari ..... one is the Safari Park and the Marine park . We visited both the parks and spent about 6 hours there . The safari world can be done both in private cars and the Safari bus( experience either ways is going to be the same). We went in the safari bus and enjoyed the bus ride with the kids. The marine park is big with lots of animals in cage and also a a variety of shows in there like the dolphin show,sea lion show,birds show and spy war. The shows are good and the tickets, purchased before entering the parks, have the schedule printed on it. All the shows are good but a must do here is the Egg Museum. It has the incubators for the newly hatched birds and is very interesting. Food is not allowed to be taken inside the park but there are plenty of food stalls inside the park. The visit to Safari world was informative and entertaining for kids . All the animals are decently maintained. The visit to this place is simple and there is no need to go through a tour operator . One could book the normal city cabs to go there and take the tickets from the counter.

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