Quan Kong Temple

Attraction 168 Tran Phu St., Hoi An, Vietnam Published on: 25-05-2016

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The Quan Kong Temple is built in the early seventeenth century, the temple bears a cultural and traditional significance of Hoi An. The temple is located beside the Nguyen Hue.

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Why Quan Kong Temple is special ?

The Quan Kong Temple, Hoi An is a very famous temple in Hoi An. Originally the Quan Kong Temple, Hoi An was created in the honor of the Chin dynasty. However, today the temple bears with it a great architectural genius and it is also a very famous tourist attraction. There are many exciting things inside the Quan Kong Temple, Hoi An. There are two huge statues in the temple and these are made of wood. These statues are kept in the altar of the temple and the height of these statues is almost 10 feet. One of these statues is the idol of the protector of Quan Kong. On the other hand the other statue features the adopted son of the protector. Both these attractive specimens of architecture deserve the appreciation of the visitors. Originally the Quan Kong Temple, Hoi An was made especially for the merchants. They used to come here and paid respect. Merchants from various places used to come in this temple. The temple is a symbol of their bravery, loyal, and virtue. Besides those two wooden statues in the temple, there is also a pond inside.

Selling points

  • “Gorgeous gardens!”
  • “Peaceful Historical Temple”
  • “A place of peace and contemplation”
  • “Plenty of Gold and Joss Sticks”
  • “Very tranquil and well maintained”
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168 Tran Phu St., Hoi An, Vietnam

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Tips for you

  • The colours of the temple are striking & worth a few photos shots.


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This Temple is small, but surprisingly serene.The inside boasts some neat art and 2 giant horse sculptures. There is also a large replica of a Junk boat and some sweet lanterns! This Temple is also free if you go as the sun is setting (it was when we went anyway)

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This temple is in one of the main streets, very pretty. You need to have purchased tickets to get in worth buying a set of tickets which get you into the main bits in town. In this temple be aware you quickly go through to museum so will cost second ticket. Very tranquil. Pretty flowers and caged birds. Some of the planter areas quite interesting. Worth a visit

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This place struck me as very Chinese in style. As the festival of Tet was fast approaching, there were plenty of flowers and lanterns decorating the place. Tet is the Vietnamese word for Chinese New Year.The temple is over 200 years old and has been well preserved.

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It's clean, bright and the carvings and workmanship is really beautiful. Well kept and maintain through the course of a few centuries or so, a definite must see especially for the cultural-religious enthusiasts.

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