Qinghe Fang (Hefang Jie) Street

Shopping He Fang Street, Hangzhou 310002, China Published on: 10-09-2016

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Qinghe Fang Street known as one of the most interesting spots in Hangzhou, is lined with shopping and dining treats that can satisfy any traveler.

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What to explore at Qinghe Fang (Hefang Jie) Street?

Some stores attracts visitors:

Yezhongdetang Pharmacy

Longquan Royal Kiln

No. 1 Scholar Hall. known as the first noodle restaurant in Hangzhou

Wang Xing Ji Fan Store sells the traditional fan-making handicraft

Zhang Xiaoquan Scissors

Rongbaozhai Gallery

Taiji Teahouse

Source: https://www.travelchinaguide.com

How to get to Qinghe Fang (Hefang Jie) Street?

Take the buses of no.8, No.60, 127, 195, 208 or 216 and get off at the east crossing of Gaoyin Street, or take the buses of Y8, Y10, 25, 35, 51, 108, 187, 212, 327 or 992, and get off at Wushan bus station.

Source: https://www.travelchinaguide.com

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He Fang Street, Hangzhou 310002, China

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Tips for you

  • The Qinghefang Street is located just at the foot of Wu or Chenghuang Mountain, in the southern part of Hangzhou City.
  • All long this street, you can find fans, woodcarvings, tea, trinkets and silk products, and also teahouse, restaurants, food stalls...
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A view of the ''Old China'' kept alive and vibrant for the crowds of tourists, which are mainly from the PRC itself, and from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, and Japan, as also non-resident Chinese from other places. A must-see if you go to Hangzhou.

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I was able to purchase really nice gifts for family and friends, i also got my name written in Chines on a scroll. Very vibrant, traditional Chinese setup. Local food treats and frozen goodies available for the hot long walk! Be sure to shop around...prices are better with the little shops rather than the big stores.

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