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Shopping Qingguang Market, No.5, Section 2, Zhongshan North Road, Taipei, Taiwan Published on: 13-11-2015

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The Qingguang (Sunlight) Market, located in the area bordering Zhongshan North Road and Nongan Street of the Zhongshan District in Taipei is well known for local delicacies and snacks, fashion boutiques, a night market

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Why Qingguang Market is special ?

The Qingguang Open-air Market located in Zhongshan District was famous for the wide varieties of foreign goods sold in the shops in the earlier years. However, in recent years, Taiwanese travel overseas frequently, hence the demands for foreign goods in Qingguang Open-air Market have gradually decreased and this causes a change to the business mix. Nowadays, the Qingguang Open-air Market from Nongan St. to Shuangcheng St. is a small but modern shopping district, with well organized shops and a food court full of delicacies.

Other attractions that differentiate Qingguang Open-air Market to other night markets are the everlasting boutiques. Other than the shops, this night market also has delicacies that people praise about and will definitely satisfy one's taste buds. For example, the Qingguang Glutinous Oil Rice, Qingguang Wonton, Cai's Tempura (a type of fish cake), Qingguang Yi-Noodle, Florida Bakery, and Grandma's Yi-Noodle.

Source: http://tcgwww.taipei.gov.tw/

What to explore at Qingguang Market?

The market explodes with various food stalls with variety of food items. It is located in the Zhongshan district of Taipei. There are convenient seating arrangements here. Noodles, dry food, and various non-vegetarian delights are available here. The place is regularly frequented by locals and travellers. It is usually packed to full capacity during the night time. Custard flavoured cakes and red bean are available at many stalls. Local delights, snacks and fashion boutiques are present throughout the street. The shopkeepers are cordial, welcoming and hospitable. This night market is in full swing up to the morning sun and more.

Source: http://www.gotaipei.asia/

How to get to Qingguang Market?


MRT: Tamsui Line, alight at Minquan W. Rd Station, walk towards Zhongshan N. Rd. for about 10 minutes.

Bus: 40, 42, 126, 203, 218, 218-StraightLine, 220, 220-StraightLine, 247, 260, 260(Shuttle), 277, 279, 287, 310, 612, 612(Shuttle), Sanzhi-Taipei, Zhongshan Main Line, Boai shuttle bus(Alight at Tatung Company)

26, 41, 63, 63(Shuttle), 221, 225, 225(Shuttle), 226, 227, 227(Shuttle), 280, 520, 612, 612(Shuttle), 617, 617(Shuttle), 638, Songjiang Main Line, Red 29, Red 31, Red 32, Boai shuttle bus(Alight at intersection of Minquan & Linsen Road)

208, 208-Keelung River, 246, Red 33(Alight at Zhongshan Elementary School)

Source: http://tcgwww.taipei.gov.tw/

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Qingguang Market, No.5, Section 2, Zhongshan North Road, Taipei, Taiwan

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Tips for you

  • Fresh and delicious, the food here is well worth a visit.
  • Some of the favorite dishes here are chicken rice, steamed goose meat in goose soup stock; and minced meat on rice
  • There are a number of pubs in the area attracting an international crowd.
  • It's near Qingguang Park at the intersection of Shuangcheng Street Lanes 10~13 and Nong-an Street

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