Puji Temple

Attraction 112 Wenquan Rd., Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan Published on: 13-11-2015

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Situated on Wenquan Road in Beitou District, Puji Temple is one of the few surviving Japanese-era Buddhist temples in Taiwan.

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Why Puji Temple is special ?

Situated on Wenquan Road in Beitou District, Puji Temple is one of the few surviving Japanese-era Buddhist temples in Taiwan. It was built in 1905 with donations from railway workers and was known as Tesshin-in. Today, the temple is dedicated to Guanyin, who is locally considered to be the guardian spirit of the hot springs. In 1998, the temple was designated as an official historic site. The Japanese aesthetics of the temple are evident in the tranquil simplicity and sober design. The Japanese-style worship ceremony is continued to this day at the temple.

The temple is dedicated to the Buddhist Goddess of mercy Tangshou Guanyin

Source: http://www.travel.taipei/

What to explore at Puji Temple?

The temple combines elements of three Japanese religious traditions, that of the Wayo, Daibutsuyo (Great Buddha) and Zen Buddhist styles . The structure features a single-eave hip-and-gable roof, and its facade is not as wide as most Buddhist temples, featuring three pillar-framed modular bays. The building is a perfect square rather than rectangular. The roof is in the traditional Japanese version of the hip-and-gable style called irimoya yane, the eaves sweeping forward over the entrance area to create a vestibule or foyer. Looking up, the visitor is regaled with delicate and beautiful sculpting highlighting the brackets and rainbow beams. The overhanging eaves seem to move up in step fashion, what the Japanese refer to as a kouhai (step canopy). In the main hall the raised floor is covered with tatamis, enabling more comfortable worship when 1.The intimate Japanesestyle grounds of the Whispering Pines Inn is perhaps its most alluring attraction. 2.I-Tun Hotel (Xingnaitang) was a topflightkneeling. To the side of the temple’s main portal is an exquisite window portal in a bell shape; Chinese cypress of the highest grade was used as the material, ensuring the preservation of the artwork in the most exquisite condition.

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How to get to Puji Temple?

Public: MRT Station:From Xinbeitou Station follow Zhongshan Rd. towards Wenquan Road.

Other: 1.Take the No. 216, 218, 218 (Aux. Line), or 266 bus to Xinbeitou Station and walk up the hill. 2.Car: Parking is available next to Beitou Water Park.

Source: http://www.travel.taipei/

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112 Wenquan Rd., Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan

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  • Puji temple is across the street from “Kyoto Hotel” and up the flight of stairs to your right.

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