Prince Gong's Mansion

Attraction 17 Qianhai West Street Xicheng, Beijing China Published on: 09-08-2016

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Prince Gong’s Mansion is the best preserved mansion in China. It includes three parts built along the central axis with traditional courtyards.

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Why Prince Gong's Mansion is special ?

Prince Kung’s Mansion is situated on a quiet and green street on the southwest corner of beautiful Shechahai in Beijing. It is presently the largest and best-preserved imperial residence in China. Before it became the Palace of Prince Kung, it used to be the private residence of He Shen, Emperor Qianlong's favorite minister and the personal residence of Yonglin, brother of Emperor Jia Qing.

Prince Kung’s Mansion as the official residence of the Prince of the Qing Dynasty is regular in layout, excellent in technology and interleaving in buildings and halls, fully representing the royal style of resplendence, wealth and honor and the private charm of elegance but simplicity.

Prince Kung’s Mansion consists of two parts: the residence and the gardens, with an area of 61120 square meters of 330m from north to south and 180m from east to west. Of them, the residence occupies an area of 32260 square meters while the gardens occupy an area of 28860 square meters. Prince Kung’s Mansion is divided into the left, central and right parts. Each part consists of several rows of siheyuan or "four-sided enclosed courtyards arranged in strict accordance with the north-south axes.


What to explore at Prince Gong's Mansion?

The dwelling is a traditional courtyard mansion of a style that was so popular in imperial Beijing. The complex covers a total area of 60,000 square meters (14.9 acres). Just over half of this is the residential portion, while the remainder is devoted to an ornamental garden to the rear.

The living quarters stand within three sets of courtyards occupying a central, eastern and western situation. The main, central section comprises the major hall, a rear hall and an extended pavilion that has some 40 rooms.

The garden, surrounded by artificial mountains, is known as Jincui Yuan, and is of high standing on account of its layout and distinct design.

The Western-Style Gate is a perfect harmonization of the western style with ancient Chinese carvings. The timber built Grand Theater House is to be found in the eastern part of the garden with a collection of old-time pavilions standing beside it.

Arriving in the center of the garden, you will be absorbed by the artificial hills. The stele was placed in a cave. The Chinese character 'fu' carved on the about 8-meter-long stele is a copy of the Emperor Kangxi's (1622-1723) handwriting.

Besides, there are other absorbing sightseeing spots such as Liubei Kiosk, Anshan Hall, Dule Peak, and Yaoyue Platform, etc.

It is a place really worthy of a visit and you can be assured that every aspect puts the culture and life style of the Imperial China's elite into perspective.


How to get to Prince Gong's Mansion?

Take Subway Line 4 to Ping'anli then walk 1.2km eastwards from Exit C along Dianmen Xi Dajie to find Lianhua Market on the north side of the road. The mansion is in depth of hutongs behind Hehua Market.

Take bus 612, 90, 701, 118, 204, 623, 42, 107, 13, 111, 609 and get off at Beihai Bei Men (Beihai North Gate) Station and hire a rickshaw to it (or walk 15-20 minutes through hutongs).


Selling points

  • Best preserved mansion in China
  • The only mansion is open to public.
  • The mansion and the park
  • Middle buildings, east and west buildings.
  • Beautiful ourtyards in each of three buildings
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17 Qianhai West Street Xicheng, Beijing China

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Tips for you

  • You can rent the English/foreign language audio guide at the entrance
    Things to do
  • Go and buy a wooden plaque and write your wish, and tie it in front of the dragon temple!
    Things to do
  • Remember to visit the gardens at the back and the side halls.
    What to see
  • The garden is rather pretty and numerous photo spots.
  • Well worth visiting particularly if you have an interest in garden history or landscape
  • Getting there in the early morning means that you can enjoy the bulidings and the garden all by yourself without the noisy tourist groups disturbing you.
  • It is the best place with your family together
  • You should visit the official website to get more information.
  • The place starts to get quite busy after 9am
  • Mondays are free visit days for school student groups.
  • You should keep eyes on your children to avoid getting lost.
  • Reservations must be made 1 day prior to the group visit. Call 8328 8149 to make reservations.
  • Half price for retired veterans, the disabled, students (excluding graduate students), active duty military personnel and seniors upon presentation of a valid certificate.
    Ticket and Pricing
  • Children under 120cm in height: free of charge.
    Ticket and Pricing


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The Mansion of Prince Gong has a long history and has been restored in recent years after many years use as a school and use as an air-conditioning factory during the Cultural Revolution. That history is important in understanding the extensive restoration, which gives an unfortunate feeling of newness, and the fact that interiors are not yet restored. This complex gives a good impression of the life of the very high-ranking in the Chinese empire and seems livable, unlike the austere magnificence of the Forbidden City. It of course shares many characteristics with the Forbidden city and many temples, but that is the nature of traditional Chinese architecture. The garden would seem to be an important survival of a traditional Chinese urban garden; it's much larger than that of the Forbidden City. Entrance is 40 RMB; for 30RMB extra you get a ticket that entitles you to a performance of Peking Opera in the magnificent mansion theater. It is true that the complex gets very crowded with tour groups, many of the guides having intrusive personal amplifiers for their commentary. The answer is to go early. In high season the mansion opens at 7:30 AM; in low season at eight. We went at eight and found a peaceful and tranquil setting of great beauty. When we left, about 9:45, the tour crush had just begun.

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The most perfect prince's mansion in china about Qing period. Valuable, but some house were not open today.

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