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Pitakat Taik is located between Thatbyinnyu Temple and Taraba Gate. When Anawrahta's conquest of Thaton, he brought back King of Thaton Manuha, monks, artists, architects and 30 elephant-loads of scriptures.

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Why Pitakat Taik is special ?

Pitaka Taik finds its meaning in the "library of Buddhist Scriptures". The library was created after a conquest of Thaton, Anawratha seized 30 elephant-loads of Buddhist scripture. He then built a library in 1058 to house these documents. He used a style known as "Gu" which is an early Bagan Cave Style. The material was light-sensitive so the building had limited windows decorated with chinthe imaged on each side. There are three windows on each side. There are three doors which are all on one side (front). The library is a square with each side measuring 51 feet (16 m) long.

It was restored in 1738 by King Bodawpaya of the Konbaung Dynasty. The architecture of this library is notable because of the square shape, perforated stone windows and the plaster carvings that are on the roof. These are all examples of Myanmar architecture.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/

What to explore at Pitakat Taik?

The old library was built to house the thirty elephant loads of the Buddhist scriptures in Pali. The entrance is on the east, while the other sides have perforated stone windows. There are also fine peacock like plaster carvings on the ceilings. The inner cell has a corridor right around it.

Square in plan, the building resembles in form such smaller Bagan temples in this volume as the pahtothamya and the Apeyadana. There is a square cella -- which in the temples is the sanctuary enshrining the image of the Buddha -- and a surrounding ambulatory corridor, but it lacks the vestibule characteristic of the temples.

A central doorway, flanked by two false doorways, all approached by steps, provides an entrance on the eastern side, while each of the other sides has small perforated stone windows. The spire and the ornamentation on the roof, which is in five receding tiers, are not contemporaneous with the building but are part of the restoration work of Bodawpaya and are clearly imitative of wooden architecture.

Source: http://tourpagan.itgo.com/

How to get to Pitakat Taik?

Pitaka Taik is located in Old Bagan, which 9km from Nyaung U Airport. The place can be accessible by local taxi, e-bike or bicycle.

Selling points

  • Library of Buddhist scriptures
  • Windows decorated with lion's images
  • Notable architecture
  • Plaster carvings on the roof.
  • Examples of Myanmar architecture.
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Old Bagan Myanmar (Burma)

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  • The entrance fee of Pitakat Taik is included in the Bagan Archaeological Zone ticket.
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My boyfriend and I had a trip to Bagan and the Pitakat Taik was our choice to visit. What a great land of history, culture and architecture. We both love this temple very much, where we feel so peaceful and back to time. Aspecially I love the windows with lots of lion image decoration and the plaster carving on the roof. It’s a highlight of myanmar architecture!

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