Ping Hsi Branch Railway Line

Attraction Ping Hsi, Taipei, Taiwan Published on: 13-11-2015

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This is an interesting day out if you want to see rural Taiwan and experience something off the beaten-track.dgs fsg

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Why Ping Hsi Branch Railway Line is special ?

The scenic Ping Hsi Branch Railway Line takes on a splendid tour along Shifen Town. Shifen is famous for its sky lanterns and Lantern festivals. The railway tracks squid through beautiful farmlands, waterfalls and residential houses. The total Branch Line was built to transport coal and has 6 stations along its 12.9 kilometer track. Shifen town is the 3rd station in the line and one can spot huge tourists gatherings adjacent to the railway lines. The Ping Hsi Branch Line also leads to the famous Shifen Falls. The Shifen Falls is considered as the mini Niagara Falls of Taiwan. Enjoy the visit with Ping Hsi Branch Railway Line.


What to explore at Ping Hsi Branch Railway Line?

The Ping Hsi railway line is a small railway line heading out of the city. Offering a window into some beautiful scenery and views of rural Taiwan, this is a popular day trip with visitors.

The line runs for about 13 kilometers from Ruifeng station, just outside the city, and ends at Shi Fen station, with stops at Quin Tong and Ping Hsi along the way.

Enjoy the farmland and small villages on the route, as the train moves along slowly;this is no bullet train!

It is easy to get off at various stops along the way, and then just pick up the next train. Ping Hsi is known for paper lanterns, traditionally used to alert villages to bandit raids, and now released to bring good luck. They can be bought and released here.

Quin Tong was once an important coal mining destination, and there is a small museum along with some attractive and traditional streets to wander here. The railway line was originally built for the transportation of coal. From the last station, Shi Fen, there is an easy and well-marked 25 minute walk to a waterfall.


How to get to Ping Hsi Branch Railway Line?

To get to the Ping Hsi branch line, take the train from Taipei Station to Ruifeng Station (the journey takes about 45 minutes). From Ruifeng station take the Ping Hsi train. An all-day pass is available for the Ping Hsi branch line, which allows you to get on and off at leisure.

Selling points

  • “Experienced the rural local nature of Taiwan”
  • “Alternate Route to the Lanterns”
  • “Interesting Experience Playing on the Railway”
  • “A nostalgic train journey”
  • “Old railway stations and old towns”
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Ping Hsi, Taipei, Taiwan

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Tips for you

  • It is over crowded during peak season and public holiday
  • Good to start the journey early so that you can cover all the attractions there.
  • You can either take a public bus 795 to MUZHA MRT station or take the TRA train back to Taipei city.
  • If you come here during a festival period you will see thousands of these lanterns being released
  • You need to keep track of the timing of the train, once you miss it, you may need to wait 1 hour.
  • You can release sky lantern, enjoy food, take picture at the JinAn bridge or walk to the waterfall about one km distance.
    Things to do
  • At NTD 100, you can write wishes on the lantern and release it to the sky.
    Things to do


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You can travel to this place by buying a TRA train ticket at NT49.00 each at the Taipei TRA main station. The train will travel to Ruifang station about one hour ride. At Ruifang station you either buy a one way ticket at NT27.00 or NT64.00 for two way. This two way ticket allow you to stop n hop on any train that stop along the few station within the day. BUT ONE THING YOU MUST REMEMBER IS THAT THE TRAIN ONLY COME EVERY ONE HOUR. So if you stop at the end of the line at JINTONG station, you need to wait for an hour for the next train. My advice is no point as there is not much thing to view at those few small station. Better to stop only at SHIFEN and you can spend a few hours here. Release sky lantern, many food shops to choose, take picture at the JinAn bridge or walk to the waterfall about one km distance. From Shifen you can either take a public bus 795 to MUZHA MRT station or take the TRA train back to Taipei city.

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Ping Hsi requires half to a full day tour away from Taiwan. Advance ticket to me would not bereauired if you are not planning to take the first few trains. But do get the Ping Hsi railway branch line rail pass from taipei main station. (Bring along shades, umbrellas and bottles. It can be quite humid)It takes 40-50 mins or so to get from Taipei to Ruifang and another 40 mins to get to Shifen which is considered the first stop of the line. (be prepared for a squeeze and longs wait if you are travelling in Taiwan summer holidays an weekend, it is horrendous with the crowd, with waiting time for the train more than half an hour at any one time. We waited a whopping duration of 1hr 40mins in total.)Main draw would be Shifen station where all the happenings are. Light a kong Ming lantern, hike towards the waterfall or make your way across the river via an old school bridge, it's all here.PingHsi would be an old school small village and I would suggest you to dropby only if your trip is not as crowded. Here at the intersection, there's a traditional shop selling popular sausage and do expect to que when the word popular comes up.If you have an extra hour or two after pinghsi, do drop by Jiufen where most of the good eateries, golden pumpkin and GuanDi attractions are located.

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I have always wanted to visit this after watching the movie 'You are the apple of my eye'. This place did not disappoint me. It's nice to stand on the railway to have your picture taken. But you need to keep track of the timing of the train, once you miss it, you may need to wait 1 hour. We had fun with the sky lantern also, it was an experience. We didn't manage to visit all the stops along the line as it was raining. We took the 5pm+ train back to taipei and it was packed, had to stand all the way. So if you want to take the evening train, be there early. if not, have to wait another hour.

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Taking the Railway Line was with ease even during rush hours. Transportation in Taipeh was never a problem and was not even scary.

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