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The Pindaya Caves, located next to the town of Pindaya, Shan State are a Buddhist pilgrimage site and a tourist attraction located on a limestone ridge in the Myelat region.

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Why Pindaya Caves is special ?

The Pindaya Caves, located next to the town of Pindaya, Shan State are a Buddhist pilgrimage site and a tourist attraction located on a limestone ridge in the Myelat region. There are three caves on the ridge which runs north-south, but only the southern cave can be entered and explored. It is not known whether the other two penetrate for any extended distance into the hillside.

The cave is set in a limestone hill in Central Burma not far from Inle Lake. This cave that is about 150 meters long contains thousands of Buddha images in various styles and from different eras from the early Konbaung dynasty era to present day.

Every small corner and nook of the cave is cramped with Buddha images up to the ceiling. Between the images are also a number of small pagodas as well as stalagmites and stalactites.

During the course of several centuries thousands of Buddha images have been put inside the cave. Many statues bear the name of the person who donated it. The number of images is constantly growing since people are still adding more, by now there about 9,000.


What to explore at Pindaya Caves?

Inside a natural cave in Pindaya, Myanmar, thousands of golden Buddhas line the rocky shelves and stalagmite altars attracting the faithful who are brave enough to get past the giant spider statue on the way up.

The Buddha images are in different styles, representing the various eras in which they were made. Many are gold plated, others are made from teak wood, marble, bronze or other material. Many are very small, some are life size.

Some smaller sections of the cave can only be entered by crawling in them. Some of these are used as meditation chambers that contain a smaller number of Buddha statues. Be careful when walking around in the dimly lit cave as the floor can get slippery. Handrails have been put up in parts of the cave, there are mats on the walkway.


How to get to Pindaya Caves?

The Pindaya cave is located in the Shan state in Central Burma near the village of Pindaya and not far from Heho airport and Inle Lake. It is about 1½ hours or more drive over a very scenic road in the hills from Heho airport, depending on road conditions and weather.


Selling points

  • Plenty of gold and psychedelic lights
  • Uncountable Buddha statues in the cave
  • A cave with Thousands of Buddha Statues
  • Amazing cave full of Buddha statues
  • Magnificent collection of Budda images
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Pindaya, Myanmar

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Tips for you

  • If you are traveling there without a tour, you can try to catch a local bus to the base of the elevators.
  • There are also several meditation areas where you can soak up the ambience of this cave.
    Things to do
  • Make sure you explore the whole cave because some people left to quickly and missed a new extension that opens up and houses some extraordinary stalactites.
    Things to do
  • There is an elevator if you do not wish to climb the steps to the cave entrance.
  • You can hike to the top of the mountain seeing the locals collecting the Tea leaves giving you a nice smile.
    What to see
  • The professional photographers are still asking for fee to register your cameras.
  • The cave stretches for 490 feet from the atrium entrance and has lots of side galleries that house over 8000 Buddha statues.
    What to know
  • Locals believe that if you rub the mineral water on your skin coming from the stalactites it can heal your body.
    What to know


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I think there are several different reasons you should consider visiting the Pindaya caves: 1. They are simply a Must See for those who are interested in Buddhist religious sites as places such as this are both rare and individually unique. 2. The trip here is beautiful and takes you across the rural countryside and thru several small villages. The drive itself lets you see a small glimpse of this wonderful country you might otherwise not get to experience as you zip around the typical "big four" destinations. 3. Where else can you come home with the story of being in a cave with 8,000+ Buddhas? It's pretty cool for sure! 4. If you have a half day to invest due to a mid day flight, this is the perfect filler. We hired a private car who picked us up at the airport, took us to the caves, brought us to lunch on the lake below the caves, then took us to Nyuangshwe stopping for a visit at the wooden monastery just outside of town. Our cost, prearranged, was 50 USD. It was perfect because we landed just after noon which if we had gone straight to Nyuangshwe would have not left us enough time to really get out onto the lake and was definately more interesting than just walking about town. Also, the cost of a typical taxi was 25 USD, so for not much more we had the car for the entire afternoon. Our driver spoke decent English and acted as a quasi tour guide as well.

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Of the most incredible heritages of Myanmar. You can see there are a lot of Buddha statues in this cave dramatically.

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