Phsar Leu Market

Shopping Phsar Leu, 7 Makara Street Krong Preah Sihanouk Cambodia Published on: 13-11-2015

06:00 AM - 07:00 PM
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The Phsar Leu Market is the biggest traditional market in Sihanoukville. It offers a great chance for tourist to discover the interesting culture and lifestyle of locals.

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Why Phsar Leu Market is special ?

The Phsar Leu Market is the biggest traditional market in Sihanoukville. It is also reknowned as the Upper Market since it is located in the area, which contains the Wat Leu or the Upper Pagoda Temple.

Located in the heart of the city at 7 Makara Street, the Phsar Leu Market is sprawled at a distance of 2 kilometers from the popular Ochheuteal Beach in Sihanoukville.

What to explore at Phsar Leu Market?

This market features sections, which provide fruits, clothing, seafood, tailors, jewellery, barbers and Khmer food, the building of this market is a well -known landmark in town. You also can find some local souvenirs in this market. However, the Phsar Leu Market closes by 7 in the evening everyday so make sure you don't get disappointed.

How to get to Phsar Leu Market?


Motorcycle Taxis (Moto-dup)

Ubiquitous and reliable, the moto-dup is the best way to get to your destination with minimal hassle. Moto-dup stands can be found virtually anyplace where tourists stay and go. Typically, you will need one taxi for every person in your party. If you have four or more, it's better to take a moto-ramork, as they can easily fit everyone and the price will be the same... not to mention everyone arrives at the same time. Like most places in Cambodia, drivers will expect to be paid in dollars, although the Cambodian Riel is also accepted. Trips generally start at $1.00 and go up the further you need to be taken.

Always negotiate the fare before embarking, and keep your bags between you and the driver, or in front of the driver to avoid bag-snatching. Prices are always negotiable, and the first quote you hear from them may be more than the actual going rate. Drivers will rarely take you anywhere for less than $1.00. Wear a helmet if one is available.

Tuk-Tuk Rickshaws (Moto-ramork)

If you're not comfortable riding on the back of a motorbike, then a moto-ramork is a good, but slightly more expensive alternative - trips are charged by trip and not head count, so it may be the cheaper alternative to a moto-dup if you are traveling with multiple people. Fashioned from a carraige attached to the back of a motorbike, these offer you a slower and less harrowing ride than a moto-dup. Since they're covered, they are the better choice when it's raining. The downside is that since the moto-ramork is powered by a standard motorcycle and has to haul the weight of the carriage and its occupants, it is much more sluggish, especially going up the hills around town. They also don't handle rougher, unsurfaced roads too well, so you could be in for a bumpier ride. On average, a trip by moto-ramork will cost double that of a moto-dup for the same traveling distance... a factor that becomes moot if you are not traveling alone.

Renting your own transportation

There is, of course, the option to rent a motorbike or car during your stay. This is the way to go should you prefer to go about town at your own pace, or visit places where taxis normally do not wait.


Selling points

  • The Heartbeat of Snooky
  • Authentic Real World Market
  • Great Bargains
  • Good local market for the locals
  • Phsar Leu, the real Sihanoukville downtown
3 days for backpackers in Sihanoukville

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Phsar Leu, 7 Makara Street Krong Preah Sihanouk Cambodia

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Tips for you

  • The smells here is a feature of traditional markets. The market becomes more slippery when it is wet.
  • If you want to buy something, don't forget to bring cash.
    What to bring
  • You should wear comfortable shoes when you visit this market
    What to wear
  • Don't let your kids run around as they can get lost.


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It's a traditional local market like you'd find in many places in Asia but this place stunk more of hot garbage and fish than any other I've been to. To make it worse, there were also disabled and limbless people laying right in the main walkway and begging. If you walk through the market to the other side, there are a bunch of vendors that are not in the thick of the stinky market center. It was certainly an interesting experience to be in place that is the living cornerstone of a community but between the aggressive merchants, smells and beggars we didn't enjoy browsing around much.

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A visit to Sihanoukville’s Central Market is a simple way to find out about Cambodian culture, commerce and cuisine. A one-stop learning experience on all things Khmer. Some posters have been put off by Phsar Leu’s foreignness: it doesn’t smell nice, it’s too hot, it’s too déclassé, it has beggars, it’s too raucous, sellers are overly aggressive, so on and so forth. Hey, Cambodia is a third world country; most of the indigenous population is impoverished. The traveler should not expect developed country amenities when venturing out of tourist haunts. Those inquisitive, adventuresome folks that desire to see something authentically grassroots local need to keep an open mind. I’ve lived in Sihanoukville over 5 years and for me Phsar Leu is a true slice of Khmer life in all its exotic glory. I enjoy the hustle and bustle; I take pleasure in haggling over prices, I’m invigorated by the raw energy of the place. Live fish are hopping out of baskets squirming across the concrete floor in a futile escape attempt, chickens beheaded and plucked in situ, children balling, dogs barking; it’s the unrefined essence of local life. I recommend a trip to Phsar Leu only for those rare visitors that want to experience another entirely different culture up close and personal in all its non-western nature. Not for the judgmental or the narrow minded. Phsar Leu is the heartbeat of Snooky.

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