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Remote Phuket, Thailand Published on: 26-06-2016

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Phang Nga is one of the must see locations whilst in Phuket. It is truly a magnificent landscape to see hidden caves, lagoons and vast mangroves channels.

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Why Phang Nga Bay is special ?

A distinctive feature of Phang Nga Bay are the sheer limestone karsts that jut vertically out of the emerald-green water. James Bond Island and Koh Panyee are just two of the more famous spots in this bay. By far the best means of enjoying the spectacular scenery, with only brief encounters with the tourist crowds at James Bond and Koh Panyee, is to take one of the boat trips from the northern end of Phuket.

A leisurely day trip cruising through the dramatic limestone islands, occasionally stopping to enjoy quiet beaches, is far more rewarding than the standard bus-boat tour.

What to explore at Phang Nga Bay?

Phang Nga has some landmarks, more or less attractive. The best known is the intriguing 'James Bond Island' famous for a movie that most people nowadays haven't even seen, called 'The Man with the Golden Gun', not a blockbuster. The real name of this rock formation is Koh Tapu, which means 'Nail Island" well justified by its funny elongated and unbalanced shape. A tiny island next to it is where dozens of longtail boats permanently disembark hordes of tourists for the usual and unavoidable 'James bond Island' photo.

Not far from this is Koh Panyee, another very popular stop on the boat trip. This surprising and quite large village entirely built on stilts lives mainly from fishing and tourism. At certain times, it gets as crowded as the James Bond Island, but visit it outside the 'rush hour' and its all yours! We also wrote a full page about Koh Panyee.

These boat rides and tours are very easy to book from your hotel, often including transfers and lunch. But it's a lot more exciting to do it on your own and drive to the Surakul pier in Phang Nga where you can join a longtail boat or even rent your own, best but certainly not the cheapest.

Another notable landmark you should absolutely stop by is Wat Suwan Khuha and its huge golden reclining Buddha inside a cave... here too beware of the naughty monkeys, there are known to pull rubber strips and antennas for cars. So whether you choose to explore it on your own by car or boat, no trip to Phuket would be complete without a visit of the fabulous Phang Nga Bay.

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  • Magnifique Phang Nga bay
  • An environmental feast for the eyes
  • An amazing experience
  • Amazingly beautiful bay.
  • A small piece of paradise on earth
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Tips for you

  • Remember to bring your camera. Bring your sunscreen, cool water. Be sure to bring your cash here as we were advised to avoid credit cards. You can get all your shopping done here if you want
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  • There are so many outdoor activities such a canoeing, kayaking, take cruise through the Bay. Do not miss to try one of the for best views of Phang Nga Bay
  • Always be sure to read about local infections and risks at the CDC site


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I like the scenery so much I have done this tour four times. Many tourists do the "James Bond Island" day trip from Phuket, but I recommend the overnight by Sayan Tours, at the bus station in Phang-Nga town (pronounced "pong-nah"). For $50USD, you get an all-day longtail boat tour not only of the small rock that was best part of a forgettable Roger Moore movie, but the rest of stunning Ao Phang-Nga National Park, three modest meals and a private room at a new guesthouse with wifi on Ko Panyee (sometimes spelled Koh Panyi). This tiny Muslim fishing village (no alcohol) gets hundreds of tourists for lunch (and souvenir shopping), but the rest of the day you and maybe a couple of others will be the only farangs there. It is a really memorable treat.

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