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The People's Square and Park is one of the major parks surrounding the Shwedagon Pagoda and the Parliament Building in Yangon.

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Why People's Square and Park is special ?

People’s Square and Park is one of the most popular and prominent parks located close to Shwedagon Pagoda. Precisely situated towards the west of this famous pagoda to the former People’s Parliament complex (Pyithu Hluttaw), the park spans across 135.72 acre and is festooned by the Pyay Road on the west. Other popular sites situated close includes the Dhammazedi Road to the north, U Wisara Road to the east and the Ahlone Road to the south. The entire enclosure of the park once was a part of Queen Shin Sawbu’s palace grounds. Furthermore, during the colonial years the park was also a part of a golf course for a couple of years.

The People’s Square covers a total area of approximately 70.3-acre between the People’s Parliament complex and Shwedagon Pagoda. A marble pathway lined with tree and flower starts from the People’s Parliament and moves towards the pagoda. This being the centrepiece of the Square includes more than 1000 plants and trees of 52 species. Pyidaungsu Ayeyeik Nyein present at the Square’s corner arranges exhibitions showcasing dioramas from multiple Burmese ethnic groups, tokens of timber and semi-precious gemstones from different places. National events such as Union Day, Independence Day and National Day are held here.

The People’s Park covers an area of 65.42 acres and is positioned adjoining to the north of People’s Square. The park is home to more than 3000 plants including 12 species of bamboo, 72 species of trees, and about 50 species of climbers and shrubs native to many parts of the country. The beautiful flower displays, botanical maze, medicinal herbs and fruit trees comes close to a count of 1700 flowering plants.


What to explore at People's Square and Park?

People’s Park is located near the western stairways of Shwedagon Pagoda. It is an area of a total of 135.72 acres bounded by the main thoroughfares of Pyay Road to its west, U Wisara Road to its east, Dhammazedi Road to its north and Ahlone Road to its south. It was first opened in 1990.

The Park is well known for its large concrete water fountain. A fountain, composed of two receding tiers of white elephants spewing water out of their raised trunks and is topped by a single lotus bud, forms the centrepiece of a flower-lined marble esplanade. Over a thousand trees and plants from 52 species are to be found in the Park.

A little over half of the complex is the 70.3-acre People's Square. A flower- and tree-lined marble esplanade starting from Pyithu Hluttaw towards the Shwedagon Pagoda is the center piece of the square. Pyidaungsu Ayeyeik Nyein or the Union Nationalities' Haven of Peace occupies a corner of the Square. Many National Events such as ceremonies of Independence Day, Union Day, National Day are held in this place. There is a Museum housing life-size models of nationalities in their colourful dresses.

In 2011, People's Park and Square is renovated by private company and now there are amusement park including swimming pools, water slides, joy rides and water fountain garden. Families, groups, couples and individuals who want rest and relaxation are seen at the People's Park and People' s Square.


How to get to People's Square and Park?

People’s Park is very close to the Shwedagon Pagoda. It’s a good idea to visit it after the temple. It is adjacent to the West entrance of the Pagoda. However, usually you will enter the Pagoda by the South Entrance, and as you have to leave your shoes and socks at the entrance, you can’t enter by the South and go out by the West. you need to go back to the South to get your belongings back. And from the South entrance to the park, it is a 10 minute walk. Depending on the energy left after the previous visit, you can walk or take a taxi, it will cost 1000 Kyat (1 USD).


Selling points

  • Take relax at People Park in Yangon
  • Recreation Park of Yangon
  • Huge park in the center of town
  • Enjoyable stroll in the park
  • See the light and music show

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Tips for you

  • The Park is usually crowded with locals coming for relaxation during the weekends, so you should get there during weekdays.
  • There are some roller coaster and water rides as well as a place where you can shoot foam balls at each other.
    Things to do
  • There is a museum housing life- size models of nationalities in their colourful dress and flora fauna here.
    What to see
  • One of the highlights of the park is a 3 storey tree top suspension bridge which is about 200 meters(600+ feet) long.
    What to see


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We went there on our last night in Myanmar. We arrived just before the sunset. The park is not a must see in itself but what I loved there was soaking up and mixing with the young "cool" crowd of Yangon. Loud music, great dancers, families joining in, monks even enjoying the fun! All that while watching the beautiful sunset. Was a great way to enjoy our last day.

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A picinic site for families.

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