Penang Butterfly Farm

Attraction 830, Jalan Teluk Bahang, Penang Island 11050, Malaysia Published on: 08-06-2017

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Penang Butterfly Farm was set up as a living museum to educate the public and serves as a research centre for butterfly and insect breeding, apart from just being a famous tourist attraction.

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Why Penang Butterfly Farm is special ?

Opened in 1986, the Penang Butterfly Farm – located in Teluk Bahang – is one of Penang’s best known and most popular tourist attractions. The eight-hectare butterfly sanctuary houses an impressively varied collection of butterfly species as well as an assortment of other insects. The farm sits at the foot of the Teluk Bahang hills – between the Taman Rimba Park and Teluk Bahang village. It features more than 4,000 butterflies from more than 120 groups as well as other insects and reptiles.

David Goh, the owner, founded the farm to introduce and promote entomology – the study of insects – to the Malaysian public. In order to safeguard the various species of butterflies on the island, this conservation centre is dedicated to protecting them and their habitat. Though most people know the Penang Butterfly Farm to be a tourist attraction, this butterfly ‘safe haven’ has gained an international reputation within the industry. Its other functions include increasing awareness on conservation issues pertaining to the rainforest and butterfly habitats.

What to explore at Penang Butterfly Farm?

Butterflies are beautiful creatures of the wild. The visitor to the Penang Butterfly Farm, finding himself surrounded by a myriad of fluttering butterflies within a seemingly natural setting, is likely to think himself in a sort of enchanted wilderness, bejeweled with the colorful gems of creation.

The main attraction of the Butterfly Farm is undoubtedly the free flying papilions in the enormous enclosure. The visitor can inspect the butterflies at close quarters as they flit around their favorite nectar plants. The exhibition of selected insects and reptiles are also crowd drawers. The visitor, having traversed this complex of displays ends up in a souvenir shop selling butterfly-related paraphernalia.


Selling points

  • “Educational and vivid “farm””
  • “Great value and more than just butterflies”
  • "Up Close and Personal with Butterflies!”
  • “Butterfly Heaven!”
  • “Excellent place for butterfly lovers"
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830, Jalan Teluk Bahang, Penang Island 11050, Malaysia

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Tips for you

  • The best way to arrive would be by Taxi, if you are not on Tour
  • Once inside you can join a guided tour which is free of charge.
    Things to do
  • dont forget to take an extra battery for your camera.
    What to bring
  • Great for family with kids
  • Wandering through the meandering paths you feel like you are in a fairytale.
  • Penang Butterfly Farm is open 365 days all year round except half day on the eve of Chinese New Year Day
  • There is the usual gift shop
  • Each morning at 10.30 they have a half hour show where they present small animals in a small theater room,


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Nice place to visit especially with young children

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It is the world’s first tropical live butterfly sanctuary as claimed at the entrance’s signboard overhead. It is interesting and educational to witness the life cycle of butterfly.My nieces and nephew had great fun there. Probably my second niece’s flowers on her sandal look so real that it did attract a butterfly to stick to her foot while she was taking photos with the other kids. She was frightened yet we were amused.There are also display of some other insects and reptiles. It is so good to have a brief introduction for each species.

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Definitely worth seeing. 27 RM is not a fortune but really good investment here. Area maybe not so big but as for the closed piece of jungle and all these butterflies all around - grat, just great effort to show and learn how this can look like.Not only butterflies are living here - you can alse met spiders, other interesting insects, as well as few animals.too less Descriptions IMHO - lot of butterfiles but few described in details, 20 others - not necessary. Must note very good educational aspects, class program, movies... Souvenir shop quite interesting, you can have your own bug, butterfly or insect as well as crystals or minerals, but better check for your country customs rules before you buy, otherwise it will be very very unpleasant.NO good restaurant there, minor bars only.Secure drink water for the journey especially for children - open area is a piece of jungle despite high humidity is really hot.Children - they must be aware - since not all have tolerance... I've seen lot of them crying just due the butterfly closing... what will be if they see the malaysian scorpion or tarantulas...

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This review I am not just writing about the Butterfly Farm. I want to write about overall my trip to Penang, which is one of my favorite destinations, ever visited or will be visited.I choose Malaysia as my first touristic destination and Penang was my 1st point other than various places in my own country and the country where I based for employment (Saudi Arabia). The reason behind choosing Penang as 1st destination is that when I studied in my primary school there was a chapter about Penang, I don't know who was the author and the chapter was titled :An Evening in Penang

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