Peitian Temple

Attraction 118, Kaiyuan Rd, Puzi City,Chiayi County, Taiwan 613 Published on: 13-11-2015

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The Peitian Temple (配天宮), located in Chiayi County's Puzi City, is an excellent example of an as-yet-unrestored temple that attracts a constant steam of worshipers.

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Why Peitian Temple is special ?

The Peitian Temple (配天宮), located in Chiayi County's Puzi City, is an excellent example of an as-yet-unrestored temple that attracts a constant steam of worshipers. The place is dedicated to the goddess of the sea and one of Taiwan's most popular deities. The shrine dates back to the late 17th century — though there are at least two versions of how it came to be founded.

Not only is Peitian Temple acclaimed by photographers and craftsmen for it's architectural style, but it also houses the country's only lantern received from an emperor, giver to navy admiral Wang Delu by Emperor Jiaqing as invitation to participate in the palace lantern festival celebrations. The prized lantern has been displayed in the Peitian Temple ever since it was moved there from the admiral's house in 1815.


What to explore at Peitian Temple?

In a small chamber on the right, near the back of the temple, there is a black-and-white reproduction of a portrait of Wang De-lu (王得祿). Wang was a hero in the mid-nineteenth century - a local boy who rose high in the ranks of Imperial China's military.

The temple's door paintings are faded, flaking, and heavily soiled - but attractive nonetheless. Look at the roof, and you'll notice dozens of doll-sized figurines - some on horseback - engaged in martial arts. Inside there's a map of downtown Puzih that shows the route taken by Matsu when she is paraded through the streets on festival days.

Keep looking around, and you'll find other odd and interesting features. It's worth spending time at the Peitian Temple — and it's worth getting here before its next, inevitable renovation.


How to get to Peitian Temple?

Buses leave for Puzih from both the bus station immediately in front of Chiayi Train Station, and from the station five minutes' walk away on Jhongshan Road(中山路). The former has the advantage of a clear bilingual timetable, but the latter offers more frequent services.

Routes and fares vary slightly; journey time is usually around 45 minutes, and a one-way ticket costs around NT$65. There are also several buses each day between Puzih and Sinying (新營)in Tainan County. Puzih is small enough to get around on foot.


Selling points

  • An excellent example of an as-yet-unrestored temple
  • Temple dedicated to the goddess of the sea
  • One of Taiwan's most popular temples
  • A gift from the Japanese colonial authorities
  • Odd and interesting features
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118, Kaiyuan Rd, Puzi City,Chiayi County, Taiwan 613

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Peitian Temple in Chiayi Puzih, is quite famous temples, covering small, but quaint building. Although the temple has been burnt and there was again subjected to renovation, but the beauty of this unique style is remain unchanged. The temple is said to have healing odd tree, many couple want to have children, will come to the temple to pray the Goddess Mazu. In addition to couples seeking children, the temple will hold the Spring Festival with many lively events, with streets festooned with colorful lanterns. Many tourists are attracted to this temple for photograph or to pray for a year of peace. My mother is a local, very fond of this temple, and so far this is the best place for tourists.

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