Peguyangan Waterfall

Attraction Nusa Penida Published on: 25-03-2016

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Peguyangan Waterfall on Nusa Penida isn’t a towering vertical torrent of water like the jungle falls in central Bali.

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Why Peguyangan Waterfall is special ?

Guyangan Waterfall is a very popular attraction located on the island of Nusa Penida, just off the west coast of Bali. It is a largely undeveloped island with only one resort having been built there. Right next door to Nusa Penida is Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan, two smaller islands situated closer to the coast of Bali. These islands have plenty more accommodation options and are a quite tourist friendly, so you may wish to stay there if you are planning a trip to visit Guyangan Waterfall.

This waterfall will take your breath away and so will the journey there… Literally. If you don’t like stairs or you are incapacitated in some way then this might not be the best adventure for you. There is a lot of walking and the terrain is quite challenging, including a 200 meter cliff of very steep stairs to scale. You will need to hire amotorbike to get around on Nusa Penida or maybe even a motorbike with a driver as the signage is quite primitive and difficult to understand if you aren’t a local.


What to explore at Peguyangan Waterfall?

Of course the trip there is absolutely worth it when you see this spectacular thing nature has produced. Located on the south west coast, the waterfall is not one you can swim beneath like you may have assumed, but there is anatural spring nearby if you do fancy a dip. Instead, when you finally get to see the waterfall there is a stretch of fence in the viewing area that you can lean over, the security guards will stop any untoward behaviour.

Some water from the spring below is used in a water station at the top of the cliffs and is pumped back up there to enable distribution to the rest of the island. You can enjoy a drink of the very fresh and cool water from a tap in the viewing area. During the dry season when there is little to no rain, the water does become scarce and the waterfall sometimes threatens to stop flowing. Guyangan Waterfall is unique in the fact that the water roars down the cliffs is goes directly out into the Indonesian ocean after it filters through the pools.


Selling points

  • Great Waterfall
  • Amazing natural beauty
  • A must visit for nature lovers
  • Discover the hidden landscape
  • Worth your visit
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Nusa Penida

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Tips for you

  • It's a great place to get solitary and relax as there is not as many tourist
  • Peguyangan waterfall is one dangerous hiking trail, so be carefull
  • If you have a heart attack or afraid of heights thingy, we don't recommend it to you!
  • Away from the ravine, the cascades make a great place for all to enjoy a ‘natural spa’, and a massage from the fast flowing waters as they burble over the shallow ledges and pools.
    Things to do
  • After some 460 steps, the gorgeous sight of the cascades is worth your effort
  • It's great for wedding photoshoots, too.

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