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The Peace Bell stands near the memorial to the A-Bomb Children and consists of a large Japanese bell hanging inside a small open-sided structure.

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Why Peace Bell is special ?

This peace bell was built in 1964 by the A-bomb Survivor Hiroshima Hope Fruition Society as a symbol for a spiritual and cultural movement that aims at the creation of a world without nuclear weapons and wars. On the surface of the bell, which was made by late Masahiko Katori (a Living National Treasure), a world map without national boundaries, symbolizing "one world," is embossed.

The area where the log hits the bell shows the atomic energy symbol, expressing hope for the abolition of atomic and hydrogen bombs. The mark on the opposite side indicates a mirror to reflect the heart of the person who rings the bell.

Planted in the pond are famous lotuses called "Oga Lotus" which were grown from seeds by Professor Ichiro Oga who dug them from 2000-year-old ruins in Chiba City. This was to console the souls of victims who used lotus leaves to reduce the pain from their burn injuries by covering the affected areas.

This bell was selected for the Environment Agency's "One Hundred Sounds the Japanese People Wish to Preserve" in 1996. (The selection was for the entire sound environment in the park, including the ringing of the Peace Clock Tower bell and the bell, which is displayed in the Peace Memorial Museum and used in the Peace Memorial Ceremony held on August 6.)


What to explore at Peace Bell?

Visitors are encouraged to ring the bell for world peace and the loud and melodious tolling of this bell rings out regularly throughout the Peace Park.

The inscriptions on the bell are in Greek, Japanese, and Sanskrit. It is translated as “Know yourself”…The surface of the bell is a map of the world. Its “sweet spot” is an atomic symbol… The Greek embassy donated the bell to the Peace Park and picked out the most appropriate ancient Greek philosophical quote of Socrates. The Sanskrit was translated by the Indian ambassador, and the Japanese by a university lecturer.


How to get to Peace Bell?

City train No.2 bound for Hiroden-Miyajima or No.6 bound for Eba from JR Hiroshima Station and get off at "Genbaku dome-mae"station

Selling points

  • Simple but have a deep meaning
  • Hit the Bell for Peace
  • Ring The Bell
  • Give this a ring when you are there
  • A moment of meditation
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Japan 〒730-0811 広島県広島市 中区中島町1

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Tips for you

  • The Peace Bell is one of several memorials located in the Peace Park.
  • It has a very mournful sound and can be heard for a distance.
    What to know
  • You are allowed to ring it for peace.
    Things to do
  • The gardens around the peace bell are also beautiful to walk through.
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Peace Park and Museum The primary purpose of my visit to Hiroshima was to visit the Peace Park and Museum. I was not disappointed. The park is beautiful and a fitting memorial to those who died in the world' first atomic bombing of a city, carried out with no warning. I spent half a day walking around seeing the A bomb dome, the eternal flame, the peace bell and the tomb containing the register of all those who died. The museum uses photographs and artefacts to tell the story of what happened and how the radiation dissipated. I was not aware for example that a very powerful typhoon affected the area just over a month after the attack and helped drive away some radiation. There were exhibits showing everything from scorched roof tiles to deformed glass bottles and most awful of all, the shadows left by people on stone steps as they were incinerated in the initial blast. The experience was thought provoking and very moving. I visited the rest house where an errand for documents saved the life of one employee who was in the basement at the time and less that 500 metres from the hypo centre. When you look at Hiroshima centre today 69 years on it is a testament to the human spirit that it has recovered and developed in the way it has done. The bomb dropped that fateful day was a crude device by today's standards and it is hard to believe that should the world be so foolish to use such a weapon today, that recovery would ever be so swift or complete. What is clear is that the people of Hiroshima have used what happened to their city to campaign for peace and the end of nuclear arms. It is a noble cause.

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