Pasir Putih Beach

Attraction Sengkidu, Manggis, Sengkidu, Kec. Karangasem, Kabupaten Karangasem, Bali, Indonesia Published on: 25-03-2016

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The Pasir Putih Beach, Bali is one of the finest beaches in Indonesia. This pristine white sandy beach is nearly 400 meters wide. It looks picturesque with tall waving palms trees and a few bamboo warungs in the surrounding.

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Why Pasir Putih Beach is special ?

The beach is nestled off the main road in the village of Perasi in East Bali. Hordes of tourists from the world over come to the Pasir Putih Beach, Bali every year and spend a nice time.

The Pasir Putih Beach in Bali is an ideal destination for families, couples and adventurous people. Those who crave for tropical relaxation would like this beach especially. During your visit to this beautiful beach, you can stay at any of the several guest houses in Jasri, situated to the east of the beach. You can also opt to stay at any of the guest houses located along the coast of Ujung, to the east of the Pasir Putih Beach. Candi Dasa, nestled to the west of the Pasir Putih Beach, provides numerous lodging options as well.

It needs about 2.5 hours to reach the Pasir Putih Beach, Bali from Kuta by car. To reach this exotic beach, drive east from Kuta towards Sanur. Connect to the Kusamba Bypass from Sanur which helps you to move towards East Bali. Drive on the coastal road past Candi Dasa, and once you reach the Perasi village, ask the locals the directions for Pasir Putih Beach.

Pasir Putih Beach is an ideal destination and perfect for beach lovers who want tropical relaxation, and who have time on their hands. Families, couples and adventurous people will love it. If you are in a hurry or don’t like leaving the Kuta area, or seeking shopping destinations, a selection of foods, and creatures comforts it is best that you stay away from Pasir Putih Beach.


What to explore at Pasir Putih Beach?

Bali is blessed with a variety of coastlines and many of its ‘hidden’ beaches have only in recent years been revealed. One such beach that had gained recent popularity is Pasir Putih Beach, often referred to by various nicknames, such as Perasi Beach or ‘White Sand Beach’, ‘Virgin Beach’ and simply, ‘Hidden Beach’.

This secluded coast stretches between two hills and lies between the villages of Bugbug and namesake Perasi, both in the Karangasem regency - approximately 4.5km east of Candidasa.

Pasir Putih necessitates a quite adventurous ride to reach its shoreline. From the main area of Candidasa, continue on to the Jalan Raya Candidasa-Bugbug main road until arriving at the neighbourhood of Perasi.

The best landmark to look out for is the village’s large Pura Bale Agung temple on the northern side of the street (on the left if you come from Candidasa). Here and across the road various signs with pointers bear the various nicknames. From here, a kilometre of rocky trails and dirt tracks descend to the shore.

Upon arrival, a large parking lot welcomes visitors, providing ample space for cars and motorbikes under the shade of coconut trees. The waves and sand are visible from here. The name ‘Virgin Beach’ perhaps was what came into the minds of the first foreign visitors who ‘discovered’ the beach and found a pristine stretch of sand with fantastic views of the small rocky islet of Gili Biaha on the horizon.

The allure of Pasir Putih lies in its serene setting and calmer waves compared to the popular shores to its west. A unique combination of boulders in the sand near the cliffs, and white sand streaked with black – despite one of its given names, ‘White Sand Beach’ - add to its appeal.

Following its growing popularity, several locally-run restaurants and cafes (better referred to as traditional 'warung') can be seen lining the eastern side of the beach near the parking area.

Among the dozen are Warung Maria, Warung Sederhana, Warung Kokak, Virgin Cafe, Warung Sunrise, Warung Gusti & Leo, Warung Budi Ayu, and Relax Cafe. Several others also provide booking services for fishing, snorkelling and sailing tours.

In front of these warung and cafes are colourful parasols and cushioned day beds. At the far western end, traditional jukung outriggers of the fishermen from Perasi and Bugbug can be seen parked in rows, against a backdrop of the rock face known as Bukit Penggiang (the opposite is Bukit Apem).

Visitors to Pasir Putih can enjoy various water activities, such as swimming, snorkelling, and sunbathing, or simply indulge in various dishes served with excellent views.

Seafood and grills are the common standard, while international yet simple selections such as sandwiches and omelettes are also available. Optionally, served with refreshing young coconuts cut open on order, cold bottled soft drinks and beers, and fresh blends and fruit juices.

Several warung also provide gear rentals, and some also offer guide services to accompany on various fishing, snorkelling and diving trips.

Along the way up back to Candidasa, a stopover featuring a high vantage point overlooking distant rice paddies reveals the hills of Bukit Apem and Penggiang, with the blue sea and horizon in between.

The Pasir Putih coastline is well hidden from this view, cradled between the hills and behind the greenery. While the beach can be enjoyed at anytime of the day, most of the cafes, especially those that serve grilled seafood, only open near sunset time.


How to get to Pasir Putih Beach?

Drive East from Kuta towards Sanur. From there take the Kusamba Bypass to East Bali. Keep driving on the coastal road past Candi Dasa and slow down when you come to Perasi, from there ask for directions from locals for Pasir Putih. The total driving time from Kuta is 2.5 hours.

Good driving up to the access road. When you find the narrow lane, between a row of shops, that leads towards the beach, the road quickly gets worse. Follow the paved road to a toll booth and pay a few thousand rp for entry. Keep going down healily rutted dirt track, keeping to the right side. After 10 minutes you will arrive at the beach.

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  • Quiet peaceful area
  • Great and cheap beach vacation
  • Worth a visit
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Sengkidu, Manggis, Sengkidu, Kec. Karangasem, Kabupaten Karangasem, Bali, Indonesia

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Tips for you

  • The beach is a village fishing beach. Boats are parked over on the right of the beach.
    What to see
  • Currents can be strong. Be careful if you go swimming alone. The few beach vendor will sit next to you, wherever you go.
  • Closest accommodation: The closest is the small collection of guest houses in Jasri, to the east, which include Kangkung Cottages. Keep going east to Ujung and you will find another string of guest houses along the coast, including Seraya Shores.
    Things nearby
  • Pasir Putih is good for people who are looking for the perfect beach. People who want tropical relaxation, and who have time on their hands. Good for families, couples, adventurous people.
  • Pasir Putih is not good for people in a hurry, people who don’t like leaving the Kuta area, people who like shopping, a selection of foods, and creatures comforts.
  • You might try snorkeling from a boat.
    Things to do


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This beach is located at Situbondo. it takes more or less 4 hours to reach. as its named "Pasir Putih", it has white sands, complete with quiet waves, so you can swim and snorkeling in peace. my suggestion, when you planned to stay there, bring much meals (instant) and some snacks cos, it is far from mini market or whatever to buy something.

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Is cheaper place for vacation a whole family in the beautiful Pasir Putih Beach, I was so excited of that beach,come on visit there and you will feel different.

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