Pasar Ikan Jakarta

Shopping Jl.Maritim No.8 Sunda Kelapa, Jakarta 14430, Indonesia Published on: 13-11-2015

05:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Food & Spirits
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Pasar Ikan, or fish market is an intense, colourful scene of busy crowds around dawn, when the day’s catch is sold

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Jl.Maritim No.8 Sunda Kelapa, Jakarta 14430, Indonesia

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Depending on the type of visitor / tourist you are, this place can get between a 1 or a 5 star. I should have given it 5 because I had so much fun there, but I settled for 4 to lest people think I am crazy. First and foremost the place is dirty, it stinks, the original fish market is gone and probably the poorest place in entire Jakarta. But it has culture. It is real. And offers a first hand experience of the poor and old historic neighborhood of Jakarta. But you have to get a bit adventurous and make your way into the narrow alleys and homes of the locals. Wall to wall Homes are stacked on top of each, left, right, up, down. This is what I would call living in a Sardine Can. There are boat houses and then houses which can become a boat with just a small accident. The place has to be experienced and YES do not forget your camera. Locals are happy to be photographed even as the go about their daily routine (probably sleeping would the prime activity). As you go through winding alleys at times nervous where you might end up, you come across life in so many shades and flavors -- albeit all poor. For the photographer, you can easily spend a day and more here as every corner, alley, house, shop, person, place offers a fantastic photo op. While the neighborhood and daily grind of locals is what I found most interesting, the is a very interesting museum in the neighborhood, where the history of early explorers, ships and the area makes for an interesting change.

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We ended up coming to the Fish Market by boat from across the harbour. The whole area is extremely vibrant though the houses were slums. Many areas were strewn with rubbish including copious quantities of used nappies etc. Some of the smells were bad. But everyone we saw was extremly friendly and happy to see us. We never did see the fish market, but it must be there somewhere!

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