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Panglao is an island in the north Bohol Sea, located in the Central Visayas Region of the Visayas island group, in the south-central Philippines.

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Why Panglao Island is special ?

Panglao island has an area of 80.5 square kilometres (31.1 sq mi). It is within Bohol Province, and is divided into two municipalities: Dauis and Panglao. Panglao is a popular tourist destination in the Philippines, and includes several small islands, such as Gak-ang, Pontod, and Balicasag.

Panglao has a terrain that ranges from plain, hilly to mountainous. Panglao is made of Maribojoc limestone, the youngest of the limestone units found in the western area of Bohol. The limestone composition halted the development of an airport as coralline limestone is soluble which causes formation of caves and sinkholes. One interesting geological feature found in the island is the Hinagdanan Cave which has an underground water source. The cave is an important water source as the island has no rivers or lakes.


What to explore at Panglao Island?

Just 15km from Tagbilaran, it works just fine as a base for exploring the rest of Bohol – especially when you can return home at the end of the day to two-for one cocktails in the sand. Just as you cross over the bridge to Panglao Island from Tagbilaran, take a moment to look around the scenic village of Dauis and admire the magnificent exterior and interior of the 19th-century Lady of Assumption Cathedral, which was damaged in the 2013 quake but remained open. It's adjacent rectory houses the Dauis Pilgrim & Heritage Center, which has a healthy cafe and a gift shop selling fine, locally crafted jewellery and an array of coffee-table books on local culture.


How to get to Panglao Island?

Tagbiliran city (and airport) is in the south of Bohol where the bridge to Panglao island is situated, so it's the quickest way to and from Panglao. It's about 30 min taxi drive from the airport to Alona/Dumaluan beaches (the main accommodation areas on Panglao).

Selling points

  • White beaches & blue water
  • The best beaches in this part of Bohol
  • Finer people, greater hospitality
  • One of the best place to have a vacation
  • Where the summer paradise
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Panglao Island Philippines

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Tips for you

  • Guests going to Panglao Island, particularly Alona Beach, can have their hotel pick them up in Tagbilaran City airport or pier for an additional fee.
  • Panglao have the lowest crime rates in the Philippines but it's best not to drive by yourself at night.
  • Virgin island where you can access by renting a boat at Alona beach. One of the best snorkeling spots in Asia.
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  • If you're going to Panglao with group much better to rent for a coaster than van, good for 10-15 pax.
  • You can rent motorbikes from most of the resort and explore the island by yourself.
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From Alona Beach, rent a boat to Balicasag Island and Virgin Island. Snorkel at Balicasag and eat fresh seafood (sea urchin-a must try, avalon, sea cucumber, sa-ang and manymore!) at Virgin.

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Bohol is a peaceful place for tourists who wished to escape the buzz and hype of the metro. It is one of the most catholic inhabited islands in the Ph. Gear up for visita iglesia !

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