Old Surabaya Full (6-­7 Hours)

Activity Jl. Dr. Cipto 22 , Surabaya 60264 , Indonesia Published on: 01-07-2016

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Surabaya Johnny Walker is a walking tour programme that takes locals and travellers alike off the beaten track, to discover and explore the depth of Surabaya city. We will accompany you to observe and experience culture and heritage of Surabaya while tasting the delectable Surabaya cuisine. Our tour will involve walking and taking public transportation to ensure you have a comfortable time while absorbing the pulse of the city as much as possible.

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Why Old Surabaya Full (6-­7 Hours) is special ?

  • Well-­‐preserved Neo-­‐Reinassance
  • Europe Quarter
  • Kebonrojo Post Office
  • Dutch Secondary School
  • Kepanjen Church
  • East Java State Governor Office
  • Ampel Market & Sasak Stree
  •  China Town
  • Sin Hua Barbershop
  • Hong Tek Hian Temple & Potehi Performance
  • House of Sampoerna

What to explore at Old Surabaya Full (6-­7 Hours)?

08:00 : Pickup at Hotel

  • Our guide will pick you up at your chosen pickup spot

08:30 : Europe Quarter

  • De Javasche Bank
  • Visit this well-­‐preserved Neo-­‐Reinassance building built in the 1904   which has served as the financial center in Surabaya until 1973. Learn the history of Indonesia from observing the change of bank note's design while enjoying the vintage strongroom and bank teller.

09:00 : Europe Quarter

  • Kalisosok Prison
  • This infamous prison was built by the VOC and has continued to be used until the year 2000. This prison has housed many political activists, including Soekarno, Indonesia's first president. Many folklores and ghost tales aided the eery factor of this building

09:30 : Europe Quarter

  • Letterpress Typesetting Company
  • This family-­‐owned business has provided the service of letterpress composition and typesetting since 1949. They have now adapted with the new era and focused on offset film production. Regardless, a stack of private archive of letterpress design from 1949 is an exciting viewing of the design history in Indonesia.

10:00 : Europe Quarter

  • Kebonrojo Post Office
  • This building was built in the 1880 and has experienced a shift of function, starting from the Surabaya District Office, to a Dutch Secondary School where Soekarno studied and now as a Post Office. Write a message to your loved one using our postcard and send it to your loved one!

10:30 : Europe Quarter

  • Kepanjen Church
  • This Neo Gothic inspired Catholic church is built in 1815 and is one of the oldest and most beautiful church in Surabaya.

11:00 : Europe Quarter

  • East Java State Governor Office
  • The 0 km (center) point of Surabaya is a beautiful tropical colonial building with a view of Hero Monument

11:30 : Arab Quarter

  • Lunch at Arab Quarter
  • Have some authentic Maduranese lunch and refreshing water coconut while observing the hustle and bustle of Arab Quarter

12:15 : Arab Quarter

  • Ampel Market & Sasak Street
  • As Ampel graveyard and mosque is one of the nation's pilgrim destination, the area nearby has adapted and provided various Arab and Muslim goods for the travellers. Religious books, muslim fashion clothing, sarong, dates, perfumes, and many more.

12:45 : Arab Quarter

  • Arab Quarter
  • Stroll along the various charming alleys in Arab Quarter. Enjoy an authentic Arab spiced coffee and delicious snacks while chatting with the locals and enjoying the peaceful neighborhood.

13:15 : China Town

  • Pabean Market
  • The largest market in Surabaya that caters almost all of your needs from fish, vegetables, spices and fashion flair. Watch people from different ethnicity interact and trade barbs for getting the best bargain. You can join in the fun or just observe from the sideline while enjoying some of the delicacies sold there.

13:45 : China Town

  • Sin Hua Barbershop
  • Isn't time for some earwax removal? For the less adventurous, you can still opt for a shave or a haircut in this Wong Kar Wai-­‐esque barbershop, a living remnants of the past

14:15 : China Town

  • Hong Tek Hian Temple & Potehi Performance
  • Visit the oldest temple in Surabaya, built by the Tar-­‐Tar troops of Ku Bi Lai Khan while on its mission to avenge a Javanese king that has insulted the Khan. Also enjoy the performance of Wayang Potehi (puppet play) by the skillfull masters.

14:45 : Drop off at Hotel or House of Sampoerna

  • You can end your tour at this time and return back to the hotel. Optionally, we can drop you off at House of Sampoerna, a museum of tobacco and cigarette processing. There is also a 90 minutes free bus guided Surabaya Heritage Track tour that might interest you. An advance reservation is a must.


- Pick up and drop off to your hotel

- Transportation throughout the trip

- Lunch, snacks, beverage throughout the trip

- Totebag, postcards and mini booklet anout the tour area


- Insurance is not included

- We would like to consider you as guests and friends. Therefore please do not offer us any tips. Everything is already included.

A five day round trip of Surabaya

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Jl. Dr. Cipto 22 , Surabaya 60264 , Indonesia

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