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Nyaung U Market is a local market in Bagan. The place provides great photo opportunity, and the chance for tourists to mingle with the local Myanmar people.

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Why Nyaung U Market is special ?

Nyaung U Market is a local market in the village of Nyaung U to the northeast of Bagan. A bustling river town with more action than is on offer elsewhere in Bagan, Nyaung U is where most independent travellers hang their hat (or backpack). The Nyaung U Market provides great photo opportunity, and also the chance for tourists to mingle with the local Myanmar people, and watch how they conduct their daily lives. The market is divided into different sections selling different items, and includes a wet market. There is a section selling rattan items, another selling tealeaves - a delicacy in Myanmar, yet another selling clothes.

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What to explore at Nyaung U Market?

Located in the northeastern part of Bagan, Nyaung U Market is Nyaung U Village’s local market. There, you can find nearly all Myanmar goods in its different sections, from the traditional longyi to other kinds of clothes, from rattan items to tea leaves - one of the country’s specialties. Also, this is an excellent occasion for you to take pictures of amazingly fresh veggies, fine rice, and really mingle with native people, ‘studying’ a part of their life. From the market, you can go to one of the most important Buddhist constructions of Bagan: Shwezigon, the holiest pagodas.

Source: http://www.toursinmyanmar.com/

How to get to Nyaung U Market?

Nyaung U Market is located near the roundabout at the east end of the main road. You can easily reach the place by e-bike, horse cart or local taxi from airport.

Selling points

  • A wonderful glimpse into local village life
  • A really nice and colorful place
  • Wonderful chaos, fantastic to watch
  • Fun, typical village market
  • A real local market selling beautiful fruit
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2 Nyaung-U Myanmar (Burma)

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Tips for you

  • You are free to take as many photos as you want without upsetting anyone.
  • The merchants tend to call out prices that are way too high, be sure to bring your bargaining skills with you.
  • Once you enter people will try and sell you postcards or place the Burmese cream on your face, make sure to avoid these people.
  • Nyaung U Market is best visited early in the day to see it at its liveliest.
  • Food stalls sell nice looking food but be careful if your stomach is sensitive.
  • The merchants tend to call out prices that are way too high, be sure to bring your bargaining skills with you.
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We always make it a point to visit the local market on most travel destinations we go to. You get to see the local life in this markets. NU Market is the local market for the people of Bagan. Fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and meat are sold here. As well as clothes, crafts, pottery, flowers and food. Its not a big market but lots of color and activity. Take in the surroundings the smells, taste some local delicacies. Experience Bagan market in the morning. Activity tapers off later in the day.

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