Nuoc Mooc Spring

Attraction Thuong Trach, Bo Trach, Quang Binh, Vietnam Published on: 22-03-2017

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Hidden under the jungle canopy covering the limestone mountain cliffs, Nuoc Mooc spring as a blue clear gem brings cool air for pristine jungle.

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Why Nuoc Mooc Spring is special ?

Located in Phuc Trach Commune, Bo Trach District, Nuoc Mooc Stream connects with Chay River which is about 10 kilometers long and flows through Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park.

The stream winds around a dense limestone forest. The tropical limestone forest is home to many species of birds, insects and animals and a rich biodiversity with seasoned trees, orchids, ferns and lianas. Tourists should prepare suitable clothes to stroll through the dense groves to discover the wildlife and wallow in the cool water.

The stream includes many smaller currents of water separated by giant moss covered rocks. Sitting on the rocks under the shade of green trees is a nice option to take food, relax and capture the quiet, poetic surroundings.

In the upper reaches of the stream the currents are gentler and form large pools studded with rocks. These pools are good for swimming but be careful of the rocks.

After discovering the stream, tourists should take a kayak trip on the Chay River to see some mysterious dark caves and magnificent mountains. All remain pristine and boast poetic views and stillness.


What to explore at Nuoc Mooc Spring?

Nuoc Mooc spring welcome visitors by a small winding trail and pretty wooden bridge over the stream, whispering flowing water. The trail through the pristine forests on limestone, with the precious trees were plated name, and the tangled vines dotted the beautiful orchids... sometimes Nuoc Mooc eco trail precarious on the big rocks rising between streambed...

And Nuoc Mooc spring when quietly threaded through the rocks... when lightly flowing beside the boulder named Dao Tien, Tam Hop... when swirling, white foam, roaring over the mossy reef... sometimes mysteriously disappeared into the interstitial rocks, leaving only the sound of flowing water, echoes up from the ground... and then suddenly gushing up from the other rock slot.

- Due this interesting phenomenon, that people of Quang Binh named the stream as Nuoc Mooc, which means the water springing up from the ground. Because Nuoc Mooc spring is derived from the underground river system flowing through the limestone mountain range, and is the confluence of many small groundwater, then flowing in Chay river.

Not only blue clear water, Nuoc Mooc spring also glamorous with the beauty of some birds, dragonflies, and brilliant colors of the butterflies everywhere. The butterflies chase on the tree, gathered around the wildflowers, flying on the water surface, and follow in the footsteps, even parked on the shirt of travelers.

Through the poetic trail along the butterflies, tourists will come the main bathing spot of Nuoc Mooc spring. Center of the towering cliffs and dense forest canopy, is a wide and calm water area as a giant blue mirror, tourists hardly resist the urge to immerse in cool water, or kayaking... in fresh air and pristine nature.

After exploring the beautiful nature of Nuoc Mooc spring, tourists can stop at a wood-thatch hut as a nest, hidden among the tree canopy on the banks of romantic stream. And enjoy tasty dishes are grilled on the charcoal such as hill-chicken, streams-fish... then swinging on a hammock under cool shade trees, relaxing and dreamy with breeze and gurgle streams.




Thuong Trach, Bo Trach, Quang Binh, Vietnam

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