Nobeha no Yu Tsuruhashi

Attraction 3-13-41 Tamatsu, Higashinari-ku, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 537-0023, Japan Published on: 28-07-2016

2 hours
09:00 AM - 08:00 PM
02:00 PM
04:00 PM
First-time visit
7.00 - 8.00 USD

Nobeha no Yu Tsuruhashi is good for

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The Tsuruhashi bath of Nobeha No Yu is a supersentō not far from the main Tsuruhashi train station. You can enjoy the Japanese and Korean style hot spring here.

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Why Nobeha no Yu Tsuruhashi is special ?

The Tsuruhashi bath of Nobeha No Yu is a supersentō not far from the main Tsuruhashi train station. Nobeha-no-yu is a hot spring resort where you can enjoy the Japanese and Korean style hot spring. Here there are hot spring, sauna, massage and so on.

There was a bath including carbonic acid gas. While taking the bath, enormous bubbles arose on your skin.

What to explore at Nobeha no Yu Tsuruhashi?

Hot water including carbon dioxide. You might feel you are in coke. Stone sauna is the facility where one rests on towels laid on a slab of heated natural rock and Japanese people call this “Ganbanyoku”.

No one just go to Stone sauna. Generally After going to stone sauna, you need to go to hot spring to wash off your sweat.

You can get around pretty easily within this cosy area. The female bathing facilities is on the second storey and there were vending machines selling drinks, facial masks and other beauty products.

With a huge flat screen television displayed at the front, one can enjoy watching television while working (or rather sitting) towards better blood circulation and rejuvenated skin.

How to get to Nobeha no Yu Tsuruhashi?

5 mins walk from JR or Kintetsu Tsuruhashi station!

To get Tsuruhashi station, it takes 10mins from Kintetsu Namba and 15mins from JR Osaka station.

Selling points

  • Great Hot Spring Experience
  • Great place to relax after hard working
  • Clean, comfortable and fresh
  • Good spa, good service
  • Good place for weekends
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6.0 days
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3-13-41 Tamatsu, Higashinari-ku, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 537-0023, Japan

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Tips for you

  • Restroom is clean and comfortable.
  • Don’t forget to make your body wet before going in the bath!
    What to bring
  • You should bring plenty of cash in case this spa does not accept Credit Card.
    What to bring
  • One of the most important rituals is to wash and rinse yourself before entering the water.
  • Smoking is forbidden.
  • Going here at night is also great
  • You should visit the official website to get more information.
  • Parking lot is available.


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I stumbled upon this bath purely by chance while riding the train from Nara to Osaka. I saw advertisements for a spa around Tsuruhashi station and did mi homework as soon as I got to my hotel. Unfortunately there's not much information available in english. I had been disappointed by my experience at SpaWorld, however, I was very pleasantly surprised by Nobeha no Yu Getting there was a bit of a challenge, the Japanese website of the spa has a rather simple looking map that makes it seem like finding it is a breeze, but it is not quite so easy as the exit in tsuruhashi station leads you into a veritable maze of shops within a sort of flea market. The best advice I can give is to just exit Tsuruhashi station (kintetsu line) and go north to the main street (or rather, the only real street), and then walk east about 2 blocks until you see a rather big Nobuta Pachinko Parlor, the spa is right behind there and there's even a couple of big maps pointing you there, you just have to know that the name of the place in japanese is :延羽の湯. The place is very easy to find once you get out of the rail station maze. And if all else fails, just ask for the big Nobuta pachinko parlor or nobeha no yu, it's right next to the station so most people around the neighborhood should know where it is. The spa is only 800 yen but the facilities are quite nice, they were much nicer than the much hyped SpaWorld in Osaka (although not quite as used to tourists, but still very friendly and with english instructions available). The baths have a large variety of tubs and relaxation areas available, as well as optional treatments, what I found most nice was that the tubs were very nice and well maintained and also in a variety of temperatures, so you can find a spot to suit your needs, and also, at 30 minutes on every hour, the staff comes up to the sauna with herbal oils (you'll be able to tell as most patrons in the environs flock to the sauna) and they blow all the steamy goodness your way, it is quite a relaxing and unique experience. While the place is smaller than SpaWorld and does not boast facilities as spectacular, they are much more refined and well maintained and given the price and location, the place is very had to beat, this is definitely my favorite super sento in Osaka. I only hope it advertised to tourists a bit more so more people could enjoy it. From what I could gather, the place is open until 2am.

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